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    Quote Originally Posted by Deuse View Post
    There were a small amount of RNG mounts based out of difficult content (random reward on top of performing well). Now you just spam run easy island expeditions in the hopes that maybe the mount you want will drop; not exactly the same. Paying a lot of gold for something usually brought utility in the past; forking over enough g for an epic mount gave you faster riding, for example. Mists started the big money mounts, but still the yak actually had utility, and the current bronto does too but at an outrageous cost. Now mostly it's situations like pay 500,000g for a different colored direhorn with zero utility to try and drive up gold-buying micro-transactions from Blizzard.

    One example of how this is trash is how they just introduced three frog mounts. Cool mounts, would be great to earn them. Oh, sorry you just buy them with gold. No content associated despite there being a frog loa in Nazmir. There could be some rep, some scenarios, an achievement, hell even some islands, maybe a dungeon, whatever, but no it's just buy this mount with your real money you losers. Blizz these days.
    Yeah, I give you that with the frogs...put one behind gold, one behind quests, maybe one as RNG? Dunno...but all at 333 333 gold is dumb. Island Expeditions don't interest me anymore, I so far found them dull and unrewarding. So I just keep slogging towards the 350 mount reward...somehow I get there

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    Quote Originally Posted by eolthedarkelf View Post
    Yeah, sure. There's no way you have 450.
    I have close to 500, it's not impossible in any way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dracullus View Post
    Lot of mounts/pets/toys to is not an issue for collectors. It is issue for completionists.

    And WoW is not game for impatient completionist. It's not Overwatch when you can just throw shit ton of money to Blizzard and get all stuff day 1.
    Kinda the reason I gave up WoW for Overwatch! The collectibles in WoW are way, way, way too time consuming to collect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djuntas View Post
    First of all mods, feel free to move the thread to a better sub forum if need be.

    This thread I make now, goes over points I dont like about BFA from a collectors POV, which is yes, not many of us (Honestly, in WOD it was only like 50.000 players in WoW who truely grinds a lot....wonder what that number is now) is still a part of wow's playerbase.

    1. A lot of worldquest this time is bound to achivements. Lucky addons like worldquestachiver helps on this, but its still stupid to keep achivements on RNG waiting. Legion also did this quit a bit, but BFA is even more - Also new once in 8.1! And many of them even...

    2. With BFA I had hoped they adressed vicisous saddeles, and in general made PvP more....Friendly, to all players. I dont know why I thought they would do this, but I did.

    3. The "Tour" achivements for conquer of Azeroth screams win-trading, and every time I see somebody on the mount I check their achivement dates, and many times its win-traded aka they did the kills on same day for many of the achivements. I have 1 zone done so far...Been slacking sure, still avoid win-trading achivements, cause WE WILL win-trade with these systems...Think about bloodthirsty title.

    4. Allied races. Why did all these things have their own achivement? You seriously want collectors to re-level classes they already have at 110?

    5. Hord and alliance - SO MANY rewards are hord or alliance, aka I haft to play hord to get many of the rewards in BFA and vice versa if you are on hord. This is poor design forcing people to play faction they dont care about or loss out on many toys, mounts and what not else...Oh and allied races achivements etc.

    6. Island exspendetions. While 8.1 is a good change, its still a clusterfuck. Island has crap tons of rewards and achivements. Its the longest grind in BFA by far, getting all the items and achivements is....well Why over-do it like this and add RNG on it`?

    7. 400 mounts. Lets be real here, just give us a 450 or 500.

    8. General things like warfront achivements, and other areas having RNG achivements you cant controle.

    9. I feel there is a bit many gold sink mounts in BFA - This is maybe OK, but even as a AH player who makes plenty of gold, I find it a bit much.

    Thats about all I wanted to mention. Keen to know the few people who reads the threads and also collects stuff in wow who will care about this :P And add your own issues why not.

    I agree, but Legion was the collectors nightmare, not BFA.

    Paragon Mounts made collectors suicidal.
    Prestige level 25 mount, gave up after prestige 5, was inhumane to grind.
    10k World Quests complete. Holy hell, I was bored to death after 100. At 2k now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deuse View Post
    The biggest issue is how mounts are rewarded. You used to be able to grind to a reward. Now, everything is RNG based or Gold-Sinks.
    That's how it has always been. There are people still running Stratholme to this day for the mount. And sure, there's inflation, but in Vanilla getting mounts was all about getting gold, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djuntas View Post
    This was more a long-term goal. In BFA they added many new mounts, 400 become a bit to easy even for me.
    it is a long term goal though... you know 450 and 500 will come eventually, sao work towards it, and just imagine that the mount is a mystery!
    450 and 500 will come, so work towards it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aeula View Post
    My main gripes are the Island Expedition mounts (Which are being made less painful with the treasure maps) and the Warmode mount. I hate Warmode with a passion, so I'm going to have to find a wintrade group at some point to finish that stupid achievement.

    It wouldn't be so bad if the weekly quest gave 250 honor to the zone the quest was based around instead of the zone you handed it in.

    I had 425ish by the time I quit. 450 doesn't seem unreachable.
    579 if you count every single mount, which is technically impossible.
    that includes ones that have no been ingame since early 2004, and ones that are not yet obtainable.
    Quote Originally Posted by Eleccybubb View Post
    Azerite is absolutely RNG you are right. You have no idea what traits will be on that piece you got from a random source until you roll it. I've literally had a Warfront piece that had the "opposite faction" passive and no passive/proc for my spec but it did for the other 2.

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    to all the rewards is insane and makes me not even want to bother.

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    over 400 mounts , over 1400 vanity pets , over 300 toys , 200 differents title

    this is the problem, thoses items are not special anymore

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    as a collector, bfa gold sinks are nothing compared to buying all transmog; when only 1 can cost a token, bfa gold sinks are basically non existent compared
    there's really a lot of other items to collect otherwise, might be a way to burn off collectors; classic is coming I guess!
    also I don't understand why you say that vicious saddles are more friendly, now there's 11 achievements or 440 rbg to win above 1.6k for every collector willing to complete every 11 vicious saddles criterias (can only be completed once - collectible) !
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    it were "collectors", who raised Blizzney and WoW to its current overkill on collectibles, where many r easy to obtain, but some require the true collectors virtues: endurance, efficiency and dedication.

    u r not worthy the (unofficial) title "Collector". a real collector doesnt withdraw when things get down, but reigns supreme.
    esp. the mount collectors, having grind out Arthas, Rukhmar and Yogg, one went for over 4k kills on Oondasta. but its not that much endurance to ignore fatigue, but smartness in ROI, aka (time) efficiency and opportunity, what qualifies the real dedication.
    as money shouldnt be a challenge for any veteran, so gold sink mounts r the more easier version than 0,1% drops.

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