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    Alliance [A] [US] [Sargeras] <Deus Ex> 3/8M | WFSat | 10pm-1am CST

    Sargeras-Alliance Guild.

    Deus Ex was formed in 2008. We are a well established late-night raiding guild with an active social environment and competitive mythic raid team. We are setting up our team to push into Mythic harder and harder each tier. We are very progression oriented and our roster is competitive. We are willing to sit as needed and able to allow us to push progression.

    Our raid schedule is as follows:

    Wednesday - Mythic Farm 10PM-1AM CST

    Friday and Saturday - Mythic Progression 10PM-1AM CST

    Invites go out at 9:45PM CST for all raids.

    We are currently seeking skilled melee and ranged DPS. WW monk, Rogue, and Hunter are highly sought. We will also consider a skilled Holy Pally, Resto Druid and Disc Priest to fill out our healing roster. Any experienced and skilled player is encouraged to reach out to us. New Recruits are trialed on our Mythic Farm Night.

    For further information, please contact one of the following people:

    Tuerny (GM) Btag: tuerny#1885
    Halsy Btag: Russellna#1178
    Ristauny Btag: Ristauny #1280
    Lsneakyness: Btag: Lsneakyness#1498

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Also looking for Resto Shaman.

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    Hey there, any chance you need a 407 paladin (can play any spec)? Looking for a new home. b1ackbird#11514
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    This raid has disbanded and the recruitment is closed.

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