View Poll Results: Did you regret your pirate ship? (only answer if you bought the 6 months)

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    97 27.71%
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    253 72.29%
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    No regrets at all. I was going to pay for the six months anyway so it’s a nice free mount.

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    If you chose "yes" you should really rethink how you spend your money.
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    I think that buying a six month sub for a sub-par mount is pretty stupid.

    I had the sub running and i got the mount. The sub expires in 5 days, so...

    I dont know if ilk resub now or ill do it the 22 of January.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KronosIII View Post
    It's far from free
    I never unsub, so I saw it as a free mount. Even though I haven't played in 2-3 months, I still never unsub, and see the mount as free.

    No, I don't regret it.

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    I was on the sixth month and got credit, so, I got a free mount for not doing anything different, so I guess that's worth it.

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    I bought my sub with gold, so no, I don't care

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    I'm still actively raiding, so would have been subbed either way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gutnbrg View Post
    can u still buy it?
    Blizzard will cash grab shop it soon enough

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    I don't usually buy 6 months at once, did it only for the mount. But I don't regret it, because I'd have continue (more or less) playing for some reason or another (like the hearthstone toys from Halloween and Xmas events).

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    Was going to buy 6 months just for raiding anyway.
    As for the price, i already played 20+ days only on my main on BFA and have a lot of alts i worked on too, probably around 30 days. Any combination of games (even indies) needed for 700+ hours gameplay would have costed way more, plus i got the mount.
    Yeah, it was a good purchase.

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    i didnt even realized it until some mount popped up. paying anyway. so... no.

    ps: nice try to jump also on the bfa shitstorm bandwagon, bc these days it seems to be cool todo that.

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    Meh, it was a free mount. I tend to leave my sub running and forget about it. ...... cough... got the 10 year anniversary statue - forgot to cancel for 2 years, had a baby during that time. lol
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    lol @ all the yes voters. It's not like we know anything now that we didn't know then. How frivolous are you all with your money?
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    if i go buy 6months right now, will i still get the mount?

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