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    Set the Karma touch's absorb on TMW

    Hello, I try since a moment to set a bar, with TellMeWhen, showing the remaining absorb of my touch of karma, with no success. Do you have some clues on how I can do that please? Or I will have to go on weakaura?
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    weakaura > Tellmewhen

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    As a TMW user I'd probably have to agree that weakauras has superior functionality, however TMW is so much more friendly. For the majority I think that ease of use trumps functionality.

    Been using TMW since MoP and ToK is the only thing where I've had an issue. I find it funny when people in raid list weak aura strings to make up for their deficiencies in dealing with mechanics.

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    I totally agree with you Julianfist, same history here, it's the first time I don't find a way to do something with tmw. So I just set weakaura for my monk and took a profile.

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