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    Quote Originally Posted by Archidamos View Post
    I actually wanted to come back to this point but kept forgetting.

    It's not just that they let players down. It's that they let players down after flat out stating there would not be a major paradigm shift with a F2P model. A lot of longtime players had just had enough and called it quits and went to games that actually gave a damn about their playerbase and providing a sustainable and fair business model.

    The game now just consists of diehard fans who still refuse to acknowledge the glaring issues.

    And then it went P2W, sold overpriced cosmetics, lootboxes and so on just so the CEO could fill his pockets before selling out to a company where games go to die.

    Rift had a good chance at being F2P. Now it's on life support managed by a staff of 25 or so people.

    I mean look at GW2. It's on it's second expansion, B2P with a very fair cash shop. Had Rift gone down that road it probably would have been in a way better place.
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    I am still waiting for RIFTS to ever get made into an mmo. Awesome paper/dice game.
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    Honestly the best MMO time I ever had was in rift. Killing Akylios third on the realm. Farmin bis shit for the gem or w/e you had. Blastin people in WPVP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mmoc140410406b View Post
    Honestly the best MMO time I ever had was in rift. Killing Akylios third on the realm. Farmin bis shit for the gem or w/e you had. Blastin people in WPVP.
    I agree, it was fun at one point. It just isn't anymore. I tried to like it, I really did. I just couldn't. I admit, part of that is likely burnout on the genre as a whol but it doesn't matter, it's just not fun for me anymore.

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    Reason why i stopped playing was because nightmare tide was boring to play through combined with it copying aspects from other games but doing it worse..Thatw as what 4 or so years ago now? Time flys :S

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    Well the game had potential, but the developers and publisher made one big mistake, they wanted to fight with WoW and replicate it success. The developers and publishers must understand, WoW as an MMO was an exception, something that happens once, they got into the game in good moment and made a huge success. I think new MMO games, but to be honest i don't think we will see any western MMO anytime soon, should not aim to replicate the WoW success but make their own niche, make something unique and don't aim for 10mln subs, keep the expectations moderate and think realistically. I agree if they did B2P with cosmetic shop, basically if they replicated GW2 model, we probably would have a quite lively game. We can say a lot negatives about GW2 but even after last layoffs, GW2 is still a living MMO far from dead after 6 years from release.

    As of topic, if the new publisher can revive RIFT....i really doubt. They would have to invest a lot of money into dead game, to basically do what Square Enix did with FF14, rework the game on the new engine because the one RIFT uses sucks, and republish the game with big marketing....but sadly ppl have a bad taste in mouth after the recent expansions to the game. So ye i really doubt this game will get any second wind, i would rather, if i was a RIFT player, prepared myself for the shutdown this or next year. Gamigo is not a charity organisation :P.

    When You check Gamigo career offers, do You notice if there is any game dev position open ? :P
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