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    Question Shaman missing spells question??

    Hello again all, I am still leveling my alts, and have realized that my level 100 Elemental Shaman does not have the 2 spells Feral Spirit, and Fire Elemental??
    Is there a certain trainer / mission needed to learn these skills, or have I not gotten high enough to get them, because I do not even see them in my Talents tree anywhere??
    I only noticed this when my guildie made a TON of glyphs, and I grabbed all the ones that said Shaman. I got 2 glyphs that were for Spirit Wolves, and the Fire Elemental, which I do not seem to have as spells. Am I just confused, or have a skipped something that gives me those spells please??
    Thanks in advance!!

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    feral spirit is enhancement spec only spell isnt it?

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    Feral Spirit is enhancement only. You should have Fire Elemental though and if you don't, did you take the Storm Elemental talent? If you did, that replaces Fire Elemental.

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