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    I don't buy episodic games so I never cared for it.
    They broke away from the episodic stuff. 2 is now just a one off purchase with the option to import all of 1's content in but remastered for 2's gameplay and mechanics. Neckbeard rambling about this weeaboo trash

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    Oh, well that's not bad then I guess.

    They should've just made these into complete remasters in the first place instead of breaking them up into episodes. Don't know why they felt the need to do that when the original games were complete games.

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    NoClip documentary of Hitman. Later in the video there is a mention of Hitman 3 being developed and also of another New IP untitled project.

    I bet there are also "Easter Eggs" in the documentary when they tour the studio, you can see concept art for things which are obviously not for Hitman. Something titled "Stingray" for example and also some character portraits.

    The next three episodes of the documentary will be released this Wednesday and on next week's Monday and Wednesday.

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