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    This is so, so much BS. This was complained about in almost exactly the same way from DAY ONE.

    Look, here's the deal. I was a recruiter and raid leader in Wrath and Cata. I pretty much didn't raid again until this expansion. As a recruiter and part of the guild "HR" I can say that there's nothing I would love to see more than a return to ML. Not to funnel gear from friends, but as an attendance incentive. EPGP was the cornerstone of rewarding attendance and managing bench. Without it, it is VERY difficult to recruit and retain permanent guild members.
    What I meant by "no one really complained" is that that no one complained about ML existing so much as the people controlling it are not putting it to effective use. People in guilds will always be salty at some point about where loot is forwarded but if it's going where it should then there shouldn't be much room for complaining. I can agree though that ML (when used with systems like DKP) were very effective for getting people to show up during farm/play certain roles during progress/farm.

    But again, ML in the wrong hands can make a lot of people in guilds upset. Should they be upset? Maybe. But should Blizzard yoink it away from us (especially mythic-level players) to just stop the toxicity? Personally, no.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greyscale View Post
    I'm not screaming at the sky.
    My turn to apologize for phrasing. I wasn't actually referring to you there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by satanicway View Post
    Your opinion about this change is the same as any authoritarian argument: For the sake of protecting the people from themselves we will not alow X to be done anymore.

    People can take care of themselves, you don't need to give people LESS options because you feel that there is "loot drama".
    I'm sure you've read this quote somewhere before:

    Many players cannot help approaching a game as an optimization puzzle. What gives the most reward for the least risk? What strategy provides the highest chance – or even a guaranteed chance – of success? Given the opportunity, players will optimize the fun out of a game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reauxmont View Post
    I'm sure you've read this quote somewhere before:
    That is true and is a fair point, but ML in no way was "unfun". In fact seeing a trial receive a loot that you who have worked for months to reach said progression does not have is the opposite of fun, it feels unfair and make it feels like the effort does not worth it.

    Without ML the optmization puzzle is solved in a new way: Jumping from one guild to the next is the best way now to get gear and boss kills.
    If you cannot see how this will be very toxic for the game and how this will end in unfun then i cannot do much.

    PL is a change that will make people optmization strategies take unfun routes, because they gain less staying on a guild then always looking for a better progressed one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greyscale View Post
    Blizzard has made up their mind about what "playing together" means.
    I don't know if this was part of your edit or I just missed it, but damn, this is a great quote. I'm fairly neutral as far as support of Bliz in design decisions I don't necessarily agree with - I'm a bit of a pragmatist in that regard. But man, what a quote this is. I've never been one to have a quote from another use in my sig, but good or bad, right or wrong, that's a hell of a truth.

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