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    Arrow I arrange/play for 4 Cellos « Fear Not This Night », from Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack !

    I arranged for 4 Cellos « Fear Not This Night », from Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack, played it, recorded & filmed it. Here is the result ! (60+ Hours of work)
    This is an amateur work, but totally passionate

    If anyone interested, Sheet Music is in description. I arranged the orchestra & voice score, to a 4 Cello score.
    Then I trained on my Cello, & recorded each 4 parts, mixed audio to get a better sound balance, editing it, & here is the video.


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    Good stuff. This game has awesome music e even if I have it turned off 99% of the time.

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    I really enjoyed that, good work!

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    Thanks a lot ! More GW2 soundtrack will come

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    Didn't I see this on reddit? I guess you are the same guy? When it wasn't finished yet, I think you said 40+ hours at the time.
    The greatest ever thread on MMO-Champion

    I work a lot, fuck my life.

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