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  • Spider Kingdom

    57 36.08%
  • Reign of Azshara

    16 10.13%
  • Into the Void

    48 30.38%
  • Emerald Dream

    10 6.33%
  • World's Heart

    27 17.09%
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    Fan-Expansion Concepts Throughout the Ages

    Hey WoW fans. Hope everyone's been having a good merry holidays timesmas season.

    It's been many years since I posted my first expansion concept here on MMO-Champion - eight friggin' years this month, in fact! I made all those expansion ideas because I was filled with so much inspiration from WoW, and I just had to share my ideas about what lands could be explored in the future and what creatures and enemies we might face. WoW sure has changed a lot since then, and while the game itself might have gone through ups and downs, I don't love it or it's setting any less.

    As this year draws to a close, I know that next year will involve some major changes in my own life. So I wanted to make this thread showing all of the WoW-related fan stuff I've done since I started posting on MMO-C all those years ago. There's links to content I've posted in older threads (though don't feel the need to necro them, just post here or PM me if you want), as well as some projects I've only wrapped up recently or done partial work on. Just for fun, I'll add a poll so folks can vote on which one they think is the neatest.

    I also have a link to a writing project I started a while back called Chronicles of the Titan Worlds, inspired by WoW's own Chronicle books and properties like Magic: The Gathering and other games I've played. It offers a look at my take on the future of the Warcraft universe.

    Now please fill your eyeballs with all of this stuff I wrote and arted:

    The first one! Blizzard cut the Spider Kingdom zone from Wrath, and incurred my wrath, in the form of this underground expansion concept. Arachnophobes hated it, but a lot of non-wimpy scaredy-cats seemed to think it was pretty cool.

    The one that Blizzard totally ripped off for BFA! ...Probably not. But if so, Blizzard, get in touch and I'll tell you where you can send the money. Really, 'great sea expansion' ideas had been floating around for ages involving Azeroth's long neglected island nations, so this was my take on them. Can you believe I imagined the Broken Isles as just a single small zone with only a dungeon in it? Ha ha! Legion certainly showed me! But seriously Blizz I had half of your latest expansion's shit worked out years ago, call me.

    It was juuust before Chronicle Vol.1 came out and totally turned WoW cosmology on its head that I had nearly finished putting this together. The Void had been a fairly minor and ill-defined element before it was catapulted to the top WoW's greater cosmic powers and filled with all kinds of awesome monsters, but I loved the Void before it was famous!

    If ever there was something that would make me permanently mad at Blizzard's creative talent, it would be their attitude towards the Emerald Dream. 'Just a bunch of green forests' indeed! As if Azeroth isn't 95% forests anyway. While threats there seem to have been resolved in Legion, I still think the Dream could have worked as a full expansion setting. Hence this concept. Story-wise, just pretend Legion didn't happen, or something. This one didn't get it's own thread or art or anything, but it's pretty much finished.

    So, this is a bit of a weird one. Earlier this year I got it into my head to re-make Spider Kingdom, using many of the same setting elements but updating the story and events to take place post-Legion, and raising the stakes a whole damn bunch. With Sargeras' neutralized, the worldsoul at Azeroth's core comes under attack by the Void, and we need to go down into the underworld to defend the worldsoul itself. With all of the hubbub lately about the worldsoul and the power at Azeroth's core, an expansion involving us going down there might become a reality in the not too distant future. I kinda ran out of steam for this one and didn't do much on it, but maybe I'll pick away at it in future.

    This project wasn't a fan expansion concept like the others, but more my own take on WoW's Chronicle books. I decided to take a stab at writing what the future of the Warcraft universe might be like, many ages past once Azeroth has awoken as a true Titan. Azeroth the world may be gone, but an entire solar system of brand new worlds have been born, their destiny closely intertwined and under threat from a host of evils both familiar and brand new. As far as writing goes, I think my strongest stuff is here.

    Not complete and never will be, by design, since everything is open ended to allow for unlimited new stuff in the future!


    Whew! Quite the stack of stuff when you lay it all out like that.

    Thanks to @Skytotem, @Stormbringer, @GennGreymane, @Choppersan, @DarkLightDisciple, and all the others who read and posted about my stuff and sent me PMs over the years - I read each and every word and loved them all. A single word of praise about a piece of work is what every artist really wants.

    That, and to be paid.

    On that note, if I might take a brief moment to shill like crazy, please take a look at the work I'm actually doing professionally in actual real actual video games that I actually helped make, right now, for real! The latest game I've worked on is called The Pit: Infinity, an FPS with horror and rogue-like elements. It's still in early release right now, but I think it's really something special, and many of the enemies you can encounter were created by yours truly! Check it out, leave some comments, write a review about how it's the greatest game ever made, and buy a copy! Buy two!

    Everybody have a good new year's celebration, and best wishes for everyone in 2019.

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    Original Spider Kingdom all the way. I still talk about the concept to this day on a variety of forums ever since I read about it all those years ago. I'd sell my soul to play that right now.

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    Thanks Goldenyak, it's cool to see the new stuff you've been working on.

    As for my personal favorite, I have to say Spider Kingdom wins for me because I love Nerubians.
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    Can’t vote on just one, do want aaaaaaall
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    I like them all, but ItV sounds like the greatest thing since sliced bread. I also LOVE Telogrus Rift, and spending an entire expansion in such brooding, wildly alien environments would be a good change of pace. Every single xpac since Cata has featured mostly "vanilla" zones, except Argus; it's time to revisit the BC aesthetics - but on a generally darker tone. And both ItV and ED would allow for it, the latter with a more "azerothian" tone... I still remember the Emerald Dream draft from Vanilla. It was a quite psychedelic, and at times creepy af environment. I'm sad that they just butchered it for the EN raid.
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    BFA was about as nuanced as a golf club to the testicles/ovaries.

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    Ooohh, neat! I remember Spider Kingdom being one of my favorites, and Into the Void also. I would love to hear more about the World's Heart and your own Chronicle, though!

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    Surprised Spider Kingdom is winning. I mean I like the spider dungeons in Wrath, architecture is cool but I don't think I could be a story for a whole 2 year expansion. I even got sick of the overbearing Pandaren theme during Mists.

    Reign of Azshara we're kind of getting in 8.2 as what will likely be a mini version of that expansion concept, so it'll likely be half-assed. I was hoping she'd get her own expansion.

    Emerald Dream sounds the most interesting to me just because I'd like to quest in aversion of Azeroth that is like Pangea, IE: not broken up. What races, kingdoms, or variations thereof would exist there?

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    World's Heart always remains my favorite, and here's why.

    1: A huge chunk of Spider Kingdom could fit within World's Heart as launch content, patch content, an end raid area like Argus even.

    2: I picture Underground Azeroth as having a freakin' ton of variance in zones. People with the lack of imagination will think "rock zone, rock zone, rock zone" basically an entire expac. Of Deepholme. But, we could get huge underground mushroom forests like Blackreach from Skyrim. Big mechanical rooms like the Engine of the Makers in Storm Peaks. A magma zone. A huge Dwarven city. A long forgotten black empire city for a zone.

    3: It thematically makes sense as a place to send heroes, especially following BfA. Emerald Dream expansion and Azshara expansion seems like their chance of happening are zero now.

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    Every last one is superb. Can't choose really. xD
    I'll go with World's Heart just because I'd like to see underground Azeroth at some point

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    GoldenYak, thank you so much for all your expansion concepts. I have always loved reading them, ever since the Spider Kingdom. I loved seeing a new one in your signature. Also, your Chronicles project is amazing. I started reading it and didn't realise what I was getting into. It's HUGE! And amazing.

    Thank you for all your effort and entertainment over the years : ) Keep it up, you are superb!
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    I like them, but they all have the same end-bosses? Such as Arthas+Yogg Saron or N'Zoth.

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    Thanks everybody. It's neat to see that the idea of an underground setting for an expansion is dominating. I think the fanbase is ready for one!

    Quote Originally Posted by Eazy View Post
    I like them, but they all have the same end-bosses? Such as Arthas+Yogg Saron or N'Zoth.
    Well World's Heart is basically a remake of Spider Kingdom, so they share a lot of the same villains, i.e. the revived Yogg-Saron. I wrote Emerald Dream as a sequel to Reign of Azshara, so N'Zoth is in both. In RoA, Azshara's defeat free's N'Zoth from his prison, and the final encounter is him fleeing into the Nightmare and trying to drag the heroes with him - the encounter is basically the heroes trying to escape this final disaster. In Emerald Dream, the heroes are better equipped to actually fight N'Zoth directly.

    It probably would never happen for a character to be the final boss of two expansions, but I do kind've like the idea of facing a villain early on once, and then by the end of the expansion they're empowered and act as the final boss. That's sort've what I did with Azshara.

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    Spider Kingdom - it's just amazing and something I'd love to see for WoW. Reminiscent of Lotro's Moria maybe.
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    @Golden Yak

    So I had an extensive Underworld Azeroth idea back when we were discussing possible concepts after Legion.
    Don't focus on what is under Northrend. Focus in what is under every Titan facility.
    So instead of having just what is under Northrend, imagine an expansion that had:

    a) A Titan Facility that starts beneath Ulduar and goes all the way to the World's Heart; all zones border it at World's Heart
    b) Azjol'Nerub
    c) A massive underground hive beneath Silithus that constantly breaks into parts of the Titan Facility that existed beneath Ahn'Qiraj
    d) The trogg warrens beneath Uldaman
    e) An underground aquatic zone that is accessible from the Tomb of Sargeras

    So the expansion would have multiple entry points from all over Azeroth, large zones with a significant vertical element, it would use CLIMBING mounts (spiders and lizards)
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    - Emerald Dream is DEAD.. The raid in Legion tied a knot about that..
    - Spider Kingdom.. If that entails going back to Northerend, then it will tank. If not, it have no relevance.
    - Azshara... Vashj'ir devised the players... Several times voted best zone in game, but a vocal minority compared so much Blizzard probably won't try it again.
    - World's Heart... Doesn't really make sense

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    LOL Spider Kingdom. Sorry but it sounds like something for 12 year olds. ..Oh wait..

    Reign of Azshara is the most realistically sounding that would fit the naming styles we had before. So i vote this.

    Into the Void - meh, keep that for adventure comic books.

    The Emerald Dream, classic but wont happen.

    World's Heart. Hmm World of Warcraft : World's Heart sounds too heroic and silly for me.

    BTW cool logos.

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    I can't really decide which one I like most, but I think an underground expac is in order. So is a void one, and I crave yours xP

    Keep up the good work, you know you've got all my support!

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    Reign of Azshara, we loose the fight in BFA, horde and the alliance crumble and they come up something. Maybe I have to retire my character.

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    I remember reading your future of was amazing and the build up to future baddies was sweet.

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    I actually hate that the Void has stolen the place of a magic space from the Nether. Back in vanilla, the class description said Mages draw their Arcane from it, in TBC we had Kael's Over-elves (...overmen) sucking mana out of the Netherstorm, and look where it's now? The Nether is exclusively the realm of [defeated and dead] demons, said demons only got so powerful due to Titan magics (Sargeras & Argus), the Void Lords have proven out to be incredibly big, and even for Elves the Void is now the go-to way to corruption...

    Now that I think of it, the Void is indeed the only way to see something akin to the Netherstorm. At the same time, it would be bland uninspired purple jelly travesty instead of the glorious swirling streams of pure energy.

    Nice to see both Azjol-Neub and Titan soul core leading though. Azjol is some of the biggest missed opportunities in WoW (alongside with Argus that was turned into a dirty rock).
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