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    Wanna play GW2 with me tonight?

    Anyone feel like playing Guild Wars 2 with me tonight? I'm home making sure our dog is feeling secure since she hates fireworks (which have been going off every 20-30 minutes here and freaking her the hell out). Add me I'm gaymer.1648

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    Sure! I've been playing a lot lately, I'm having a ton of fun.
    thinly veiled high elf thread

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    You gonna play more in the future? Would love some more friends that play! Recently got back into it as I stopped playing WoW a while back and I'm having a blast!

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    I would but i uninstalled last year .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChangeMymind View Post
    I would but i uninstalled last year .
    Nice necro multi, what # account is this? xD

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