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    Quote Originally Posted by Elias01 View Post
    I am talking about casual audience what have about few hours of week to play game.
    that audience will take half of year to level up just enough time to jump in into easy ZG gear

    honesly i think that unless someone will go full progress mode i would advice to spend first few months just on leveling up because then gearing up will be very rapid when stuff like ZG and pvp gear appears.

    it will be much better use of your time .

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    Quote Originally Posted by kamuimac View Post
    you are mistaking the game community with bunch of toxic addicts who refuse to let go of game they dont like anymore
    eh, nah.
    There are tons of communities built around the non whining streamers; pvpers, high level M+.
    That's the evolution of the community. Kids seem to forget that WoW was pre-social media.

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    Mythic raiding is a meme at this point

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    good, imo
    should not be any diferenc between gear
    is a vidoe game, i am not playign but i play Destiny 2 and there if u raid u get good gear and if u dotn raid U ALSO GET GOOD GEAR
    And ever1 is ok and hhappy
    i raided last night Last wish, got crap weapion
    i did this morning 2 forges , i got God Roll hand cannon

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