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    Things you wish you knew when you started?

    Hey guys! We would like to start a new video series on helping new players out, and we hope to get some ideas from you guys what are some things you guys wished to know when you started. Hopefully the videos will help people out

    Thank you in advance!

    If you guys would like a chance to win some free gold and help us out with the video series ideas, go on Youtube and search up *snip* Comment on the video to get a chance to win some free gold Happy New Year.

    Much Love <3
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    There are videos out there but some of the easier ones to search don't really talk up farming, salvaging and crafting as much as they should. Also, there are plenty of videos of professions and specs (as well as snowcrows and metabattle) but none really go too much over good leveling builds, most seem to talk about different situations at 80. That said, maybe a quick section showing a good build for each for surviving and damage if leveling solo.

    Edit: Just thought of a couple more
    1. Races - didn't even discover specific racial abilities until after I hit 80, this could affect how one determines what race they want to play. I don't think there are any OP racials, but still cool things in some races.

    2. Story mode - Choosing which faction you want to rep also changes a little. When leveling I just blindly selected vigil and didn't realize that it changes how you get to the end of the original story. Makes for good info when leveling alts so you can see everything if story matters to them.
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    Right clicking salvage kits lets you select an option to salvage by rarity.

    Right clicking a bunch of bags opens them all and the same with consumables. I think this was added later but I didn't learn about it until later on.

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    Aren't all of those "comment and like for giveaway" things total scams? Haven't people been doing that to bait little kids into watching their garbage Fortnite videos?

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