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    MOP arms, especially the MOP second wind, good old times

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    Glad spec.

    Played whole WoD as glad on my warrior alt. Was prepared to switch to main status for Legion. And boom, KIA.
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    I miss heroic throw with silence. It was an extremely useful tool for tanking.

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    I actually miss Heroic Strike. There was something about queueing up an attack, Charging in and then Mortal Striking/Bloodthirsting as Heroic Strike went off. Made me feel strong.
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    I liked that thing that gave you a damage buff after a successful interrupt.

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    -Heroic Strike (RIP BUDDY)
    -Glyph of Gag Order
    -Shattering Throw
    -Berserker Stance (Baseline Stances in general)
    -Fury having DBtS
    -Not burning a talent on disarm and spell reflect
    -Mass Spell Reflect

    So much more, but my God bring back Heroic Strike and get rid of the awful post-MoP fury.

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    I miss hit rating.
    I hit miss rating?
    I rate hit missing...?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crudence View Post
    Gladiator stance is something I will always miss, not because of how viable, but just how fun it was.

    Stance dancing is also something I look back on fondly. Mainly in pvp.

    Gag Order was awesome. Kinda OP, but awesome. And shattering throw is something I really miss, which I still wonder why they removed...

    In addition, being able to chose between SMF and titangrip was nice. Not to mention the old talent trees with weapon skills. I get why they removed it, spam stunning people by just having a mace equipped was kinda OP, but it was damn fun too.

    I have come to the realization that fun and balance are opposites... And I want fun back. Damn the balance!
    "Stance dancing is also something I look back on fondly. Mainly in pvp"

    stance dancing was fun for a while "classic and TBC" but by the time wrath came around stance dancing was out dated as were warriors. example switching to D stance to disarm or spell reflect when rogues can just 1 tap a button and disarm was retarded, same with dks anti magic shield..

    any player thats at least average in pvp can see what a warrior was doing before he did it... like switching to zerker stance = here comes the pummel or intercept, so it was easy to counter.

    like i said stance dancing was fun for its time but it became outdated and clunky when other classes had better and did not have to dance. dacing was not skill it was macros and a class should not have to have macros to do basic base line abilities.

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    'member a long time ago, there was about a week when Commanding Shout was bugged and everyone was spamming it at <15% health or whatever and nigh unkillable unless there was another warrior around to execute

    on the other hand, around the same time there was a visual bug with the S1 pvp pants that made them appear as short "biker" shorts that only went down to mid-thigh. so you take the good with the bad i guess.

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    i miss all of wrath, and i miss how much fun i had in arenas in WOD

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