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    Am I surprised to see no mention of protection warriors? Oh wait, no real selfhealing with ridiculous amounts . . .
    Yep. Prot warriors get the short end of the stick once again because they have no self healing.

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    Nah it's not I am just puzzled why people bother attacking tanks, I see a pally tank I leave him alone because I know it will best case be a slow and boring fight that I am probably never going to win. I also had a discipline priest attack me. We both would not be able to kill each-other so we wasted 10 minutes of our time with no winner. Again I was like WHY DO YOU ATTACK ME?! xD
    Can't always tell if some classes are tanks just by looks. Warriors and Paladins give it away by the shields. Bears are .... bears. But DK and DH can easily be mistaken for DPS.

    Another thing, being a tank shouldn't immediately mean the person is not able to be killed, so of course someone in WM will see someone else in WM and want to engage in... W.

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