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    Not really, I don't own any of these devices, I have my Iphone it seem kind of redundant. I have seen the stupid YouTube Nonsense, and I can honestly say no, it doesn't creep me out, it just disturbs me that there are that many people this critically stupid, asking their Home device shit like do you work for the ,NSA, CIA.
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    The Alexa laughing thing was fixed like 6 months ago.

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    Alexa and Google devices are a huge invasion of privacy. I'd never buy something like that that just listens and records stuff.

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    Like, seriously. If you're concerned about the privacy factor of these things.. You're fooling yourself that there aren't a TON of other datapoints all around you, constantly, or you live in a wood shed with no power and access the internet by mailing your friend letters of what websites you want to go to.
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    Siri has came on my phone several times randomly asking me what did I say when I speak about anything related to the government or someone dead
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    I don't get how this is much different from owning a cell phone. At least the Alexa is owned by a private company.
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    Probably one of the best videos on the net.

    Talks to Alexa like a police interrogation
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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertoCarlos View Post

    Probably one of the best videos on the net.

    Talks to Alexa like a police interrogation
    Yeah, I don't understand this whole thing against home AI.
    If you buy Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa and don't expect it to listen to you all the time, then you gotta be quite fucking dumb. It's how the whole freaking thing works. If it didn't, it wouldn't work.

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