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    Well, you just creeped me out.
    I have Alexa in every room and I live alone. If she suddenly started laughing while the lights are off and I'm in my bed... well, I would sue Amazon for mental damage.

    But then again, my old bedroom light (not Alexa controlled) would suddenly turn on while I was sleeping and start rotating colors like crazy.
    I would wake up and be like "wtf is going on?". Turn it off and go to sleep.
    I've ditched that light. It was creepy.
    Thankfully you did! That Light was only days away from taking your life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fakaroonie View Post

    The conspiracy. My privacy. Black Mirror. End times.

    I actually work on the project and they're really, really serious about personal data, and all recordings are deleted. If you want to get into a physics discussion where information can never be destroyed then probably.

    But please, consider the phones, and how we're constantly surrounded around them, even on the streets. And consider how easy it is even for the normal police to listen to your phone, and how hard would be for them to get a permission from a private company to listen to it.

    People that fear this stuff though, have a self-centered complex and believe that anyone actually gives a shit about what they do or say.

    Just.. live freely, and if you fear this shit, don't get it..
    Sort of. So I assume most of the passive recording is stored on short term memory and is constantly being written over. But everything has to be recorded at least temporarily so she knows when she is being spoken too. Now the conspiracy/paranoia/very real concern comes in because you don't actually have any control over what gets saved, even if you think you do. It would be incredibly easy to insert other keywords to trigger a permanent recording that is available to Amazon, and not you. Now did they do this? They say they didn't, and I am not aware of any evidence that contradicts that. It would definitely be a serious risk for them if it was ever discovered, but we have seen a multitude of companies do things about as similar, so it wouldn't be unprecedented. Big Data is good money, and being able to gauge peoples reactions to products and issues accurately is very valuable information.

    So even if Amazon isn't doing it, I don't want one in my house. Because if there is money to be made, somebody is going to do it.

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    Not really, I don't own any of these devices, I have my Iphone it seem kind of redundant. I have seen the stupid YouTube Nonsense, and I can honestly say no, it doesn't creep me out, it just disturbs me that there are that many people this critically stupid, asking their Home device shit like do you work for the ,NSA, CIA.
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    Remember to say please and thank you to Alexia (and the other AI’s) Some day it might reflect better on you, and besides that:

    'Alexa generation' may be learning bad manners from talking to digital assistants, report warns
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    The Alexa laughing thing was fixed like 6 months ago.

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    Alexa and Google devices are a huge invasion of privacy. I'd never buy something like that that just listens and records stuff.

    Smartphone: *exists*

    Like, seriously. If you're concerned about the privacy factor of these things.. You're fooling yourself that there aren't a TON of other datapoints all around you, constantly, or you live in a wood shed with no power and access the internet by mailing your friend letters of what websites you want to go to.
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    Siri has came on my phone several times randomly asking me what did I say when I speak about anything related to the government or someone dead
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    I don't get how this is much different from owning a cell phone. At least the Alexa is owned by a private company.
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    Probably one of the best videos on the net.

    Talks to Alexa like a police interrogation
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    Quote Originally Posted by RobertoCarlos View Post

    Probably one of the best videos on the net.

    Talks to Alexa like a police interrogation
    Yeah, I don't understand this whole thing against home AI.
    If you buy Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa and don't expect it to listen to you all the time, then you gotta be quite fucking dumb. It's how the whole freaking thing works. If it didn't, it wouldn't work.

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