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    Sunrise Alliance Guild Recruiting (Blade's Edge, Eonar and Vek'nilash)

    Dear awesome World of Warcraft player,

    Sunrise is recruiting for some fantastic players that show energy, passion and commitment to both having a great time and progressing in relevant content where we can.

    We currently sit with 6/8 Heroic Uldir, with the real potential of going the full 8/8 but recently have struggled with numbers. Great news though! This is where you come in; all you need to do, is post a little bit about yourself in our recruitment section of our forum. Make yourself stand out from the crowd and become a member of a fantastic community in Sunrise.

    We raid Heroic but will gladly run some gearing raids/M+ for people that haven't had the opportunity so far, to help us all achieve our goals of having a great time and killing bosses.

    Please sign up following the link below, and I look forward to reviewing your application! Have a great day, and hopefully one day, see you in /g


    Many thanks,

    Vangorium (isn't that such a cool name too?!)
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    Just gone 8/8 Heroic! Thanks to all those new starters that followed the link

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