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    Arcane mage question

    Hello there magic lovers,

    So just recently started to level in BFA with my arcane mage and its my 1st time ever experience of arcane mage in 7 years. Spec feels good with its bursting potential and shields and mobility. If you have any tips id be glad to hear them. Heres my girl, 1 level to go. (https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/ch...mscale/Vollina)

    So the question, in BFA when I read some of the traits one in particular caught my attention - Arcane Pressure, mage execute, sounds a good damage boost, but it doesnt work properly on non primary targets, as Arcane Barrage reads it deals 40% of its damage to nearby enemy, but in fact it only deals the damage of purely non trait Arcane Barrage, it doesnt account the Trait. Is it meant to be like this or its a bug ?
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    Press AB, get GS trait, keep pressing AB until boss dies and Evocation when you are out of mana. That is Arcane mage in bfa

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