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    I hate the Cataclysm zones. They ruined the old quest chains, flooded the area with nonstop quests to where you're just going through a theme park, and ruined a lot of iconic spots of WoW.

    Also so much forced humor. Cataclysm was an expansion where Blizzard was convinced that forcing into humor into everything would work out great. And to that I say Thrall's balls.
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    RIP thousand needles
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    I have never liked the new cata zones, I loved the non-linear cross-zone quest chains in the old version.

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    Cata leveling zones are swell. The level scaling from Legion means we can actually level in them and see the whole thing instead of having to either skip the good parts towards the finale of the zones or quest for a while for no xp to see them at all. Huuuge improvement.

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    The Cataclysm was maybe the most well done "overhaul" to an established game world I've seen yet.

    Yes, it came to a cost of end game and features in Cataclysm. But the overall scope of that expansion was amazing and they did an outstanding job revamping "Old Azeroth".
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    Oh i'm not sure it made things "a lot better". It improved the leveling experience, but it came at the cost of end-game.
    It did.

    And, the number of players that levelled throughout the new 1-60 wasn't especially high. Most players were working level 80 to 85, and then moving into the endgame environment that didn't quite deliver what players had gotten used to in Wrath (so many problems with the changes to dungeons and raids).

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    they were an improvement but i still think they were a mistake. Alienation is very dangerous

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    I mean, it's been 8 years. I'm not really sure what's to talk about.

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    8 years too late for this post but thanks for sharing.

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