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    Its not just the Full Moon,
    All DPS tiers should be like this, 1.passive with a small dps upgrade, 2.instant with mediocre upgrade, 3.casted the best upgrade.
    there should be a mix. making the cast always the strongest option would be terrible.
    making passives that influence your gameplay in a meaningful way would be far better than just a flat "do this additional cast"

    Arcanic Pulsar and Power of the Moon are good examples of passive effects that influence your decision making.

    with how balance plays right now, we don't really need any more stuff.
    you have 2-3 upkeep spells, depending on talents.
    you have 1-3 medium CD skills to judge when to hold (incoming adds, dps stop, etc) and when to use on CD.
    you have a 2-step builder-spender system that feels intuitive to play with.

    and all this comes together to give a specc that has

    high hitting single cast spells (always feels good to get a high Starsurge crit)
    a high amount of passive dmg, loosing less dps during downtime.

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    I'd like to see Full Moon baseline as a standalone spell with a longer cooldown- the idea being it weaves into the rotation when you have a lunar empowerment for it.
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    I don't really care about it being buffed, but I'd very much like it to be baseline like it was in Legion. Our rotation today is much more boring without it.

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    I don't miss it. Im more than happy with it being a talent. and even happier StF is viable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xephyros View Post
    I don't miss it. Im more than happy with it being a talent. and even happier StF is viable.
    Well, he is saying it should be a viable talent. StF is meh, I mean I use it for ST fights but Im not like. OOOHHHH I get use StF on ths fight!

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