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    Dispel Magic & Mass Dispel PvP


    Can someone please tell me what I can dispel? Ive been googling for while know but can not seem to find any good answer. I know that i can mass dispel pala bubbles. But if i want to dispel a mage, do I use DM or MD?


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    You MD ice block and DM everything else mage wise. The default UI shows what can be dispelled and what cant.

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    you need MD to dispel ice block.

    any other magical buffs, like barriers, buffs, HoT effect etc. can be dispelled with dispel magic

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    You can also MD cyclone off of your teammate.

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    Oh, thanks guys! Real nice! xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by liljc711 View Post
    You can also MD cyclone off of your teammate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillside View Post
    What's so funny about that? It's correct.

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