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    There's really not much of a reward in Mythic raid end bosses tbh. And after you get the CE achievement there's basically none (unless a mount drops). Funnily enough if you look at reclears M G'huun is most likely the least recleared boss in the history, why? - Because it drops shit loot, no mount, is not that easy to kill and much harder with people who had not progressed it and it's completely not worth to spend time there when your rewards can't even fucking titanforge!

    The problem with the reward structure is not the only but the basic reason why people refuse to reclear M or even progress it anywhere beyond the freebie bosses like Taloc/MOTHER/Zek'Voz/Fetid. Clearing further bosses takes a lot of time unless you're doing it with the same roster and you're playing with top players. When there's a completely shit trinket (much worse than fucking 355 crafted one, GJ retards), mediocre helmet and crap boots, none of those can titanforge, there's roughly 20% chance one of the 3 drops and whatever the low chance there is 2 of those warforge then why the fuck would anyone bother? I'm more likely to get better rewards for turning in stupid assault quests or doing easy level 10 m+....
    This is even true for Heroic Uldir - and if you got your AOTC while weekly M+ caches still dropped Azerite gear there was literally zero reason to ever kill that boss a second time. And I also didn't kill Mythrax a 2nd time until in late November our guild's raid leader decided that your performance on that boss was somehow relevant for Mythic Zek'Vok (the guild fell apart a few weeks later).

    In Legion, I probably had well over 250 kills on Heroic Argus on all my characters combined - the weekly kill for the Legendary Trinket, helping friends get their AOTC, making some gold by selling some AOTC carries, etc.

    I took a break for Uldir until about the time where Mythic cross-realm opened - and by that time, it's Heroic loot had already become completely irrelevant due to M+ chests and welfare loot from Warfronts and Emissary Chests.

    Quote Originally Posted by mmoc69d1d7e1bf View Post
    What they should do is:
    - Give people a bit more time inbetween raid tiers and remove CE whenever new raid tier comes out (unlike ToV for example).
    - Make sure the further you progress the better rewards drop (unlike the fucking G'huun trinket vs Fathoms scenario"
    - Fix titanforge ceiling for each difficulty (so that M items can wf/tf as much as HC rewards can, eg. difficulty base+15 ilvl) or remove random forges which is a better idea.
    - Not implement bosses with retarded randomly overlapping abilities that fuck the group based on random timers.

    Blizzard are a bunch of cunts with stupid attitude towards reward structure, which drives people away from doing any type of "difficult" content, while ensuring logging in and doing tedious easy and mindnumbing stuff grants similar or even stronger rewards, everything based on luck, obviously.
    One could also argue whether AOTC should still be achievable after cross-realm Mythic opens - to give people some more incentive to get that early.

    And rewards really need to be the way where you cannot get the best possible items in the game without actually doing the most difficult content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by netherflame View Post
    Threads always pop up talking about how Titanforging feels bad specifically for players at the top end due to other players being able to get higher levels of gear from lower level content based purely on luck, activities like pvp and m+ even at the highest level are much easier to handle then a an equal level of raid where it feels dis-proportionally difficult to get 20 people to work together in these environments while doing damage and handling mechanics, especially on Mythrax and G'huun which aren't worth re-killing in the opinion of most. Mythic has somehow become more difficult with what feels like less gear, despite what the personal loot math says, all while heroic has seemingly gotten easier which leads to its gear being easier to get and thus you can get more of it with the equivalent amount of time. This then is compounded by there not being a skip to the end of the instance to create some incentive towards clearing the end of the instance more on heroic, one of the biggest impediments that I've heard from other raiders outside of my own guild is nobody wants to do reclears because the first 4 bosses are mostly useless due to titanforging not feeling like its a worthwhile gamble from a time investment standpoint.

    In saying all that looking at Wowprogress it feels like clear rates for last bosses has continued to shrink and shrink which poses the question, has blizzard crossed a line where raids are too difficult and tuned back to meet the level of rewards that are being given out to players? If so what do you think would be a good level of difficulty based on the bosses that were in Uldir? ex. Ghuun should actually be tuned to the difficulty of Mythrax and the rest of the bosses tuned back accordingly.

    For Reference based on Wowprog here are the clear rates of the last two expansions Raids.
    M: G'huun 1435 (3.52%)
    M: Argus the Unmaker 1748 (3.80%)
    M: Kil'jaeden 892 (1.91%)
    M: Gul'dan 2003 (3.20%)
    M: Helya 2439 (3.90%)
    M: Xavius 9442 (15.11%)
    M: Archimonde 2850 (5.26%)
    M: Blackhand 2026 (2.86%)
    M: Imperator Mar'gok 5057 (7.14%)
    No line has been crossed here by Blizzard. G'hunn, as well as Kil'jaeden is a very difficult boss due to many strategic aspects of the fights/heavy focus on almost every player doing something crucial in a right way. This requires a lot of preparing: class stacking ( warlocks on G'huun ), discussing fight moments, etc. So re-clear is pretty much possible but there is big question - WHY?
    Nice unique mount? Nope
    Awesomely good trinkets/weapons/gear in general? Nope
    Thus such bosses are not considered crucial to kill over and over again, coz the gains are minimal.

    Every now and then they let out raids that contain such dissapointing bosses when it comes to rewards for clearing them, so just deal with it

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