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    Warlock vs Mage in BoD

    Any predictions who is going to do more dmg and overall would be more useful in Battle of Dazar'alor [raid only] Dont care about m+ or pvp_

    Or who is going to be more useful with utility they provide - like TW, arcane intelect buff vs summoning protal, healtstones, gates.

    And as a raid leader if you would need to fill a ranged slot who are equally as good, who would u choose.

    Im trying to figure out what to main in 8.1

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    This really isn't kind of a question to ask here, because for one you will get a bunch of totally subjective answers at best and get misled at worst.

    Instead I'd say a safe bet would be to go for the data, which is out there. In Uldir, in my opinion, the answer is quite clear due to various reasons, but new raid - who knows, although you can always default to what you see now and project it to 2 weeks from now, because balance mostly won't change, even with Azerite improvements and utility-wise it certainly won't change.

    Here's my super subjective answer - Warlocks are going strong for years now, while mages are more of a bumpy ride and that's not even taking into account multi-gateway shenanigans that keep creeping here and there - G'huun was really bonkers there, but looking forward into the future - there is more chances of encounter requiring multiple warlocks as opposed to multiple mages, who don't really have this stacking utility like gateways.

    IMO, mage utility is pretty shit all around, because almost all of it can be reasonably replaced - there is a reason they were given Arcane Intellect back in BfA.

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    Hard to really say without the gear and such. Mobility is a part of bod which locks do not have, but on the other hand warlocks are shaping up to put out higher numbers. Something nobody wants to hear but unless you a mythic raider play what you like, if your a proficient warlock you'll probably do more dps than a mage if your a proficient mage you'll probably do more dps than a warlock

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaidax View Post
    IMO, mage utility is pretty shit all around, because almost all of it can be reasonably replaced - there is a reason they were given Arcane Intellect back in BfA.
    I agree that Locks will prob be the premier Caster. One thing you forgot to mention about Mage is they are the only caster w an immunity.

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    Whichever one is more fun / makes you want to keep playing the game. Both are always strong picks in raids.

    You're in a warlock sub, so people are going to tell you warlock.
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    Already seeing some misleading info and only a few posted replies. So put me in the camp of "this isn't a good place to ask".

    But I'll add my 2 cents since OP is still likely to read these: both are historically strong, especially locks from the last couple years. I'd give the utility edge to locks atm. But both are safe choices, so fun factor should prob be a primary concern.

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    As a raid leader you would be dumb to not have one of each class for the utility. Then it will depend on whether you want more gateways or another immunity.

    Locks don't have mobility? I must be playing a different class though Destro is probably one of the least mobile in game.

    Damage wise all 3 specs are in a good place at the moment (with Demo being OP on a lot of Uldir farm) and all have the different strengths to cover what is needed. Generally DoT specs fare much better with split cleave so in my very limited knowledge of BoD I think we will take it. Of course there is tuning to come.

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    Unless you're pushing world firsts it would be whoever is the better player.
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    Both mage and warlock are pure DPS classes, which means both will always have a competitive DPS spec for a raid. Play what you enjoy most.

    Mages are more burst oriented, proc reactive gameplay with much better mobility and an immunity.

    Warlocks tend to have better sustained damage and 2-3 target cleave, better sustained damage mitigation, and better utility in a raid.

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