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    Anyone tested the % values of each tick yet?

    I wonder if that last tick is ever going to be necessary (since you never need to heal 100% hp), and its 6 seconds before haste is applied.

    It might be necessary with the rampup.

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    Stun > Full (Or near enough) heal.

    Paladin - Bubble > Full heal, keeps Lay on Hands available.

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    Original was super OP.

    Given that it's 6 seconds and the heal "starts small and builds up", and it's not useable in stealth, it seems considerably more reasonable.
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    Tested: still a flat heal

    Logged on the 29558 PTR just now, and the tooltip does not mention ramping up over time like Wowhead says and I just tested a fresh Zandalari.

    This appears to be a bad datamine by Wowhead, and everyone's thinking it was heavily nerfed. Turns out its not and this is a gamechanger.

    Curious what led to this bad datamine, or what's really going on here if that's not the case. The build in the corner definitely says 29558.

    If anyone else wants to test this in action too, I think it was in the ballpark of a 15GB download, as it now pulls data from live.

    - - - Updated - - - MMOC's own version of database, WoWDB, has the proper tooltip. @Simca You're super smart, any idea on maybe what's going on here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vynestra View Post
    They already nerfed it multiple times.

    So your logic here is just a fail.

    - - - Updated - - -

    6 seconds of no damage is do-able on some fights, it's going to be less useful on say mythic than N/H.

    I doubt many tanks are going to go zandalari just for it, it's not that great.

    The whole interrupt on dmg taken isn't super realistic. For four seconds it was potentially op in some situations, now a 100% self heal over the course of 6 seconds requiring no damage is at the level a racial should be.
    If you can stand still and take zero damage fotlr 6 seconds, the damage that was taken to need the racial was most likely avoidable anyway.

    Realistically, the only class that will get full value from it during a pve fight is a paladin on a fight with no magic damage. And even then, you have to blow a heavy cd just to get any value from it.

    Note (not directed at the person quoted in this response solely): i was basing my *opinion* on whether or not the racial was OP by judging the power and practicality of the current version at the time (6 sec channel, breaks on any damage/movement, 2.5min cd, starts small). It seems that for some reason, there are still people choosing to ignore several of the nerfs the racial has received.

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    I miss games like EQ that had regen items on them...
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