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    Just here for suggestions

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    No ideology has been more murderous or detrimental to human dignity than Communism
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    The Ottomans brought civilization to Greece.
    Oh my...

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    A few months ago I would have suggested Super Best Friend Play if you like watching Let's Plays but that channel is dead now.

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    Emergency Awesome

    Tyrone Magnus

    John Campea

    Ozzy Man

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    Atheism is Unstoppable. Great entertainment and has managed to successfully monetize dismantling TYT for a living

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by ohiostate124 View Post
    Emergency Awesome

    Tyrone Magnus

    John Campea

    Ozzy Man
    Emergency Awesome used to be good before Season 5 of Game of Thrones. After that his fangirling got in the way of objectively criticizing the shitty writing of the show post-GRRM material

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    try the "what if" history channels. they're pretty interesting.
    real life lore, what if alt history, and more.

    and steak-cooking. that's always nice.
    for example, suis vide everything.

    and i ocasionally watch a guy named "wowhobbs" short highlight videos of Hearthstone.
    he doesnt play any meta decks, but rather, fun unique decks.

    also, mark wiens.
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    Depends on your interests. I'm a history geek, so the channels i follow:

    Lindybeige (mostly about swords, but also a lot about historical misconceptions and english jingoism)
    Historia Civilis (roman history)
    kurzgesagt (space stuff mostly)
    History buffs (historic film reviews)

    And of course the mandatory Bellular...

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    Nerdwriter1 does pretty good video essays on movies/art.

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    Active self protection is another good one where alot of dumb criminals get killed

    Unknown5 does alot of good top 5 list like top 5 deadliest battles and bloodiest sieges

    then of course all the other 40k channels i already listed before, cant get enough of that epicness.
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