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    MMO Champion name changed?

    So luckily for me mmo champ is constantly logged in, as I've just noticed my name has been altered from rotted to mmoc39f30fc687.

    Any ideas why? did a quick forum search for names changes etc. couldn't see anything similar to this and I checked my emails; the only recent ones being about the curse thing but nothing saying my name would be changed if I didn't do x thing etc

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    Seems to happen to everyone, I guess?

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    hmm cant see if mine has changed and it hasn't changed :O
    I might be weird, but I am limited edition

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    Same here, I'd like to know why. Just checked cause of your post

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    The answer is over here-

    You are an EU user that didn't consent to your data being transferred to Fandom.


    Your private data (including email address) were removed from the site.
    It's also where chaud has been discussing this more, so I'll close this and just suggest any further feedback is relocated to that thread.

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