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    Quote Originally Posted by Techno-Druid View Post
    How is any of that even remotely related to egomaniacs wanting to project advertisements from space?
    if that has to be explained, we both get infracted and banned, no thanks jeff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabriel View Post
    I will shoot these down if I see them.
    go for it!
    you need to make a homemade rocket to reach that high
    there should be books online about it.
    just search for rocket science what can go wrong!
    and the geek shall inherit the earth

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    Quote Originally Posted by nymphetsss View Post
    ^this 100%

    If this sort of garbage happens I will dedicate my life to destroying these companies. I hate light pollution and ADS
    I feel like this is one of the few issues where people will rise up together and demand it be stopped. This gives me a little faith in humanity that we wouldn't tolerate shit like this.

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    “If you ask about advertising and entertainment in general — haters gonna hate,” Skorupsky said. “We are developing a new medium. At the advent of television no one loved ads at all.”
    No. No one likes ads in general. What we like are the rare, few and far between extra clever, interesting, or funny ads that you can take on their own merit, outside of being an ad.

    EDIT: Also, it would take a massive amount of satellites to form even a small ad you could see from the ground. We're talking insane amounts of space junk. WE DON'T NEED MORE SPACE JUNK!

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    While I am generally fond of space technology, I won't shed a tear if there is some .... unfortunate accident during the launch of these....

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    No, just no. Like people have said the night sky is one of the last add free things out there. We don't need any more adds infesting our brains like parasites,we need less of this crap.

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    So I guess the Polynesians can navigate the Pacific Ocean by fast food chains instead of stars now?

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    No thanks. This is a horrible idea.

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    Ai yai yai, why are people even thinking of implementing something that's pretty much taken out of corporate dystopias.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Techno-Druid View Post

    The ego on this guy is incredible. Do you think this is a good idea? Do you think the commercialization of space is inevitable?

    I personally think that this would be cool for a while before ultimately becoming more space junk in our orbit.

    Also something that stood out for me:
    Yeah let's blind airplanes, there is no way government will let people do this.
    For some people, everything is a moral question. If you agree with them, you are virtuous. If you don't, you are a monster.
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    Now that's funny!

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    Fuck this guy with every possible object that can be used to fuck something.

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    Oh no, there is already enough light pollution and ads as such.

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    Inevitably someone would invent ad block glasses to give people the option of not seeing the ads in the sky.

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