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    WoW should add more dialogue to NPCs like ESO

    In ESO almost every quest giver you can have conversations with for a very long time. Once you've get your quest you can ask multiple questions on either background of the area, their people, their lore, why I need to kill them, etc. "So who is this faction you want me to save? Who are you? Why do you believe in that? Where did they come from? What power do they use and how do they use it?" Etc. And this is all voice acted. Wow could really use characters that are able to explain themselves in more detail and our characters being able to converse. After doing the entire zone and talking to the NPCS you can really start Tom understand their culture.

    This doesn't even account for all of the lore books scattered around either that you can read.
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    This is one of the main reasons why you shouldn't even mention WoW and ESO in the same sentence when it comes to lore, storytelling and immersion. The difference is gigantic.

    And then there is SWTOR, which is even greater.
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    ESO is lightyears ahead in story, but lacks quite a bit in engaging raids compared to wow. ESO is definitely the better casual game.

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    At the very least I'd like to see choices and consequences being made more frequent. Even choices if they have no consequences it really helps built our characters into something more than mindless drones.
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