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    [H] Magtheridon - Pulled Agro

    Pulled Agro is a newly formed guild of old friends looking to form a team to defend the horde in the Battle of Dazar’alor, We are looking to recruit Friendly, mature people for M+, raids and general fun guild nights running for mounts or transmogs!
    Most of us have been raiding Heroic for the last 2 tiers and have lead ourselves to curve in both Uldir and Antorus. and are looking for a fresh start so will you be the ones to join us on our adventure into Dazar’alor!
    Being old GMs of a HC guild, but wanted to go a diffract direction the guild starting new challanges!

    Raid info

    As of the moment raid days are
    Thursday and Sunday 19:00 - 23:00 server time

    looking and adding a extra day for some fun stuff be it Mythic plus raids PVP or old content

    What we are looking for!
    At the moment we are jsut starting off so everyone is welcome although some Tanks and Healers would mean we can kick off our raids and catch up with everyone else!

    If you want to see what we are about feel free to contact us :

    Allyssi - Mistie#2799
    Demonnut - Link#2510
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    Still looking for healers and DPS to make up our raid team

    Ally x

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