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    Hold on a minute there, just because there are literally more planets in the universe than grains of sand on every beach on Earth doesn't mean that the OP is wrong and that we are in fact the only planet with life and more over the actual center of the universe. It's this kind of thinking which ended the dark ages you know, god those were good times. People and there rational scientific insights always ruining the good things in life.
    There is most definitely some kind of life somewhere else even if it never becomes intelligent at our level or beyond. It may also not be life as we understand it but it is out there somewhere.
    “If you don't believe me that is too damn bad!”

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    this is why i 100% know ancient cultures were more advanced than us......they likely went through the electronic age same as we did and realized its a dead end.
    that's why we keep digging up ancient nokia 3310s with still having 2 bars of battery.

    btw. am i the only one seeing the irony of him calling scientists essentially voodoo priests, while using an electrical device, that only got into existence, because somebody actually did science (i.e. the math) to predict that atoms and electrons exist and how they behave?
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    We have a history of Zelaots through the ages it's no different today, I trigger them all the time with Truths.
    Says a proven hypocrite lmfao
    I have a fan. Seems he was permabanned.

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    When did society lost?

    I had a conversation with someone in WoW today and they were absolutely convinced that other planets were habitable because NASA told him so, me being a reasonable person explained to him that since we have only seen life flourish on a planet one time we cannot draw distinct conclusions on how many planets are
    actually habitable given how complex a question this is.

    This boy had an agenda, he wants aliens to be real and he will hear no different. I see this so often it almost makes me think this is normal behavior, but then i realize social media is a real bugger for young people trying to navigate this world.

    What do you think, is your agenda obscuring a wider reaching truth?
    Aliens are real. Most of those living on this planet are not ready to accept the truth, therefore the truth is kept hidden.

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