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    has anyone ever done a canonical list of every dungoen / raid boss by race & class?

    Like how many dungeon bosses have been tauren, or gnome, or death knight, or shaman, etc. It'd be interesting to see the most and least used races and classes.

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    well that sounds fun...

    I'd say race wise Orcs are the most common followed by humans then maybe Elves or Undead depending on your definition...and Taurens probably being the least shown race as a boss...

    but ground rules...do Eredar count as Dranaei, Scourge Undead and Forsaken Undead count as the same etc etc etc...cause that would affect the count

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    yes they have i have seen it before but i honestly have no idea where to even begin looking to find it again

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    Doesn't wowpedia do this?

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    It will be nice to know. Perhaps orcs are the 1st race in every dungeon

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    I'm bored so: Counting sub races with the main race and humans/undead are kinda messy. Council battle count as one

    Just races:



    Humans: 35
    Nelf: 16 (Nightborn are closer to nelfs)
    Gnome: 4
    Huargen: 2
    Dwarf: 12
    Draenei: 5 (counting eredars)


    Undead: 22
    Orc: 32
    Troll: 27
    belf: 9
    Goblin: 6
    Tauren: 2

    Panda: 5



    Humans: 4
    Nelf: 5
    Gnome: 1
    Dwarf: 1
    Draenei: 5


    Undead: 2
    Orc: 16
    Troll: 4
    belf: 5
    Goblin: 1

    Panda: 1

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    I count a few more eredar, with Archimonde and Kil'jaeden getting 2 fights even.
    In expansion order:

    - Prince Malchezaar
    - Archimonde
    - Shadow of Akhama
    - Eredar twins
    - Kil'jaeden
    - Jaraxxus
    - Socrethar the Eternal
    - Tyrant Velhari
    - Archimonde again
    - Kil'jaeden again

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