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    Torn between shaman or warrior

    resubbed and i'm torn which one of the 2 classes i should use my boost on! i'm looking to dps and deciding between arms/fury warrior or ele shaman. i do prefer casters but i feel much weaker / terrible when i play them compared to melee. i'm wanting to pve and pvp. thanks!

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    I play a Shaman and a DH as mains, and I know what you mean about casters feeling weaker. Ultimately, I don't think they are, it's just a slower play-style waiting for casts rather than just mashing attack buttons.

    As for what to pick, I'd say just go with your gut. People can give you advice about the pro/cons of both classes, but ultimately only you can answer what you will enjoy more.
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    Consider that shaman are one of two mail-wearing classes. Good luck getting hand-me-down loot from the 18 clothies, leather, and plate wearers.

    Warrior is also weak as shit in solo pvp. They have very few self heal/absorb options compared to other plate and melee classes. If you aren't worried about the gear then I'd probably recommend shaman. You can always go enhance to scratch that melee itch

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