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    Anyone else miss their key-ring and weapon skill levelling?

    I wonder every once in a while why exactly I lack any motivation to log in and play for a while now ... and one thing that came to mind was that there seems to be fewer permanent-feeling ways to progress your character in the game.

    And as much of a stretch as it is to point to the key-ring and weapon skills, I realized that the unique thing about those were that they were additions to your character or alt that you were building upon. Compare that to today ... and there is still progression yes, but so much of it is designed to be temporary, that the old feeling of logging in to advance your character just doesn't feel as deep to me.

    This came to mind when I realized that I just keep looking around for a game like old wow where I always felt like logging in allowed me to be additive toward my account and character. Ah well, point is that I miss those old things like key-rings and wish they still had stuff like that in the live game today ( I know classic is coming, just not sure I want to go back THAT far ).

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    No, I don't miss either.

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    no 10 chars
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    In tbc everyone wished they were playing vanilla. In cataclysm everyone will wish they were playing wotlk.
    ^------True story!!

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    You think you miss it, but you don't.

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    Key Ring? Sure.

    Weapon Skills? The RPG aspect of them was cool, but having to grind on mobs for HOURS so you can use a new weapon? Not so cool.
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    I think your problem is a lack of intellect.

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    Absolutely do not miss it. At all.

    Also hated +hit secondary as well. I know that wasn't in Classic, I'm just saying.

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    I sort of miss the keyring (only had to get the Workshop key to get the achievement, but I never got around to it).

    I don't miss weapon skills.

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    Weapon skills was so stupid. In order to use weapon as warlock, I had to hit random mobs for hours (as someone said already) in melee, so I can have it on my hip/back all the time and never hit with it again.
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    I miss the Key ring, because I had them all, every single one. Had the "Keymaster" Achievement, when it was first added. When they removed the Keyring, instead of converting the achievement into a Feat of Strength, they just removed it entirely.

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    That's actually the whole reason blizzard put in artifact power though. So you can log in and work towards making your character more powerful and always having something to work towards.

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    Keyring was cool. Was a nod to your character development that you could open certain doors and take friends and new players to places they otherwise couldn't go. Weapon skills, not so much. Essentially just afk'd to level them up, whereas the key ring took some work, quests, adventure, etc to build up.

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    Key ring was fine.

    I don't see how anyone could see weapon skills as enjoyable. You just found some low dps mob and afk'd while your character swung at them for 15 min

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    Yes to both.

    RPG aspects that Blizzard removed over the years among many to make this game less of an RPG. If you can even call it one these days.

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    I didn't mind the keyring, but weapon skill leveling was just dumb. Coming from someone who loves Classic and most of its RPG aspects.

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    I ended up maxing all available weapon skills on my hunter in Wrath just so I could use anything that dropped,so no I don't miss it.

    I do enjoy being a melee hunter now with the Did Somebody Order a Knuckle Sandwich? achieve though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eleccybubb View Post
    Yes to both.

    RPG aspects that Blizzard removed over the years among many to make this game less of an RPG. If you can even call it one these days.
    You seriously need to be sent to a mental facility for a while. You clearly hate the game and do everything possible to make everyone else think you are right instead of walking away and enjoying your not wow gaming.

    No sane person thinks weapon skill, hit, keyrings, or any of the other tedious classic crap needs to return. There are plenty of ways to make a good game and not have those in it. They are dead, gone and buried forever like they deserve.

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    Miss the Key Ring: YES! Having the Key for the scarlet monastery was quite good, and for others too. Althrough i hated attunement-quests like the one for onyxia, i didn't mind some attunements for some places either; or at least being able to unlock it for others.

    But Weapon skill: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!

    If you leveled a paladin who had it's mace skill around 299 for a whole month, then level up a sword and got 300 shortly after reaching 299, then you understand the frustration.

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    Acquiring keys isn't a bad concept. The way we stored them wasn't great.
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