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    Those calling for Zen Flight being set to mount speed are missing the point. It is called Zen Flight for a reason. Where are you going? When will you arrive? Why are you going there? All these things do not matter. Working as intended.

    On topic though, HELL yeah. Now that you mention it, having windwalkers be this susceptible to falling damage is a travesty!
    For a good ingame example, look at the cinematic fight between Taran Zhu and Garrosh. He bounced off that water surface like a fracking bouncy ball. We should have a way to mitigate falling damage because anything else feels clumsy, something no Windwalker should be associated with.
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    I'd love if zen flight stayed what it is in flying-enabled zones, and turned into slowfall in the rest.
    If they can make druid travel form zone/environment enabled, they could do it with zen flight as well :/

    Also, when you say it - some form of waterwalking would certainly be cool and fit with the kungfu/wushu/chineese movies aesthetic. We used to be able to roll on water with a glyph :/
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    In tbc everyone wished they were playing vanilla. In cataclysm everyone will wish they were playing wotlk.
    ^------True story!!

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    What we really need is for roll to make you immune to fall damage if you use it right before hitting the ground.

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