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    I used to be a volunteer teacher for unemployed young people, who needed a better grade to get into a certain education. I loved the job, but the initiative was shut down because there wasn't enough money for the project. We helped a lot of people go from benefits and to selfsustained employees. It litterally paid for itself, except that it was another part of the state that got the money back.

    So yea, I love doing volunteer work, but I really dislike the logic behind the institutions who support the projects financially. They often don't look at the bigger picture, and save money wherever they can : (

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    I went to Biloxi, Mississippi to help rebuild about 6 months after Hurricane Katrina. Everything was still pretty much destroyed at that point. I was still in High School at the time so I was only there for a week.

    I used to volunteer through a church to take food, clothing, and toiletries to homeless people once a month. Stopped doing that when the church kind of went full retard, they later stopped doing it anyway.

    Volunteered at an after-school center for elementary school kids in a poor area. Helped them do homework and just kind of helped them stay out of trouble until their parents got off work and picked them up.

    Helped out with a blind olympics a local group had set up for blind kids.

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    I volunteered to help people get a job to help myself get a job.

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    Yes for disaster relief a few times, though one of those times was riding a helicopter back and forth to deliver water bottles to flooded out areas so that was quite fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Girighet View Post
    If yes, as/with what? If no, why not? Would you be interested in doing it?
    Yes, when I was young ... I don't think I'm qualified to do any useful volunteer work any more.

    I volunteered in any job at all that involved computers to get experience with them (in the early 80s) ... so it was a win/win.
    Also was a volunteer at St Vincent de Paul to help out people that were not well off.
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    Yes, I've built a ramp for an elderly man to get in his house and also help rebuild a house in Joplin Missouri after they had those bad tornados a while ago.

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    Closest I ever got was community service when I was a teen.

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    I did few times. Completely regret it, I have better productive things to do and there are a lot of people sitting on their asses, they should volunteer.

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    Homeless shelters, street cleanups, hospitals, food canneries - never as often as I should.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Santti View Post
    Wait, what? That's actually a thing? A police volunteer? What even is that?

    That sounds so bizarre, I almost have to call bullshit on that one.
    Quote Originally Posted by Skulltaker View Post
    Auxilliary Police Forces are a thing in many countries.
    No, that's not it. It is exactly what the word says, police volonteer.

    You're basically just someone who is extra eyes for the police. You're not allowed to wear weapons of any kind or make arrests. The police calls you when they need extra manpower. So you basically help people, drunks, those who are lost, or someone stole their possessions, or in my case, get sent into Bandidos/Hells Angels camp.

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