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    Alliance [A][Stormrage] <There Was Talk of Pie> 3/9N BfD Needs Tank/Healers/RDPS Raid Tonight

    < There Was Talk of Pie > (2/8M Uld, 3/9N BoD) is an Alliance guild on Stormrage US made up of some old WoW friends that raided together in MoP, and started raiding together again at the end of Legion. Wishing to escape the toxic raid atmosphere of our hardcore progression guilds, we made Pie. We tried semi-hardcore, and got AoTC Argus in the last few weeks of Legion, and subsequently got to 2/8M Uldir. We found semi-hardcore raiding incompatible with the relaxed, friendly atmosphere we are trying to cultivate. We are currently looking for like-minded raiders who enjoy relaxed, steady, weekly progress through Battle of Dazar'alor, who may be interested in a lucrative AotC farm and service, and that will probably venture into Mythic modes after gearing, when everyone is comfortable with that.

    Immediate raid spots for geared caster dps: Mages, Warlocks, Shamans, Priests. Right now we have plenty of melee, and several hunters.

    We are in need of a dedicated tank. We currently have a Warrior/Paladin tank team, but our Paladin wishes to heal on his Shaman when we have recruited another tank. He says Paladin or Brewmaster is best; but we are considering all applicants.

    We need 2 dedicated non-Druid healers. Currently, we have a Druid (that's me), and another Druid who is off-spec healing (who mains Balance), and our gearing Shaman. A Paladin, Priest, another Shaman, or Monk would be a great addition to our heal team.

    We are also looking for a calm, competent raid lead who can help us focus, who doesn't mind questions, and can guide us to greatness. Our current raid lead started 12 hour shifts at work and really needs a break.

    375+ ilvl for starting normal mode preferred, but close is acceptable. You are invited to join us and level/gear up, as well. We’d like raiders who enjoy playing their class/spec, can follow instructions from a friendly lead, can learn raid mechanics, and who understand the way progression works. Our team works best if the players are happy and work well together.

    Food/flasks/repairs are provided, so you can concentrate on raiding. Enthusiasm for pie-related topics is preferred, but not required.

    If you have a microphone, can use Discord, follow raid mechanics, and raid both days every week, we would like to hear from you!

    Guild perks include a successful, relaxed, and focused raid experience; guild group dungeons and M+, weekly events for old content and achievements, and alts welcome! Casuals also very welcome!

    Please contact us for more information:
    Skysapphyre (guild master) btag: Skysapphire#1673
    Belvora (raid officer) btag: Sego#1483
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