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    Dear White knights

    Just because i hate the last few expansions, mainly WoD-BfA, does NOT mean I hate the World of warcraft as a whole.

    TLDR: I grew up loving the world, just fooling around and having fun. I love the music. I love the characters and am invested in the lore. I still am. I still listen to the music, read the books, watch the cinematics.. But i dont love the gameplay of the last 3 expacs. And the content is boring, and not memorable. It breaks my heart. I WANT to play.. I really do.. I WANT to see the story, listen to the music, explore the WORLD, just like i used to.. but that is all I can do. the game itself no longer pulls me in. That is why i Criticize it. Not because I hate the game as a whole.. a "wow hater". Because it has gone down hill, and I want it to rise back up again. I love WoW.. just not wod-bfa gameplay. (the music and art is still amazing)

    Long version ;

    I grew up with this game. Bought it in the summer of 2005. I was getting ready to go into 6th grade middle school. all of my friends talked about the game, so i picked it up, and my mom paid for my sub. but before that, i played the free trial.. it took me all 7 trial days to reach level 10 and FINALLY get my hunter pet. A wolf. I felt like i overcame an entire game. but wait, there was.. MORE?! I got another free trial. ran out to the barrens and died, over and over. I didnt care, i just wanted to explore.

    Finally, after playing ALOT of different free trials, and blizzard blocking my IP so i stopped making them, i got the game. I was so happy, that I no longer had to start over. I could continue exploring. By this time, i had mastered mulgore, so I finished it fairly quick and went to barrens. I never once, thought about max lv.I just played the game.

    i never even noticed when BC came out. I wasnt on forums, the website or had friends ;~; I still played, and when i found out about outlands, i was like.. OH SHIT, even more?!

    Wrath I remember the launch. (after all the day it came out, was the day i got my puppy ) I was now in 8th grade. I didnt have the money to buy the expac. I raked the leaves in my grandmothers yard so she would buy it for me. Making a DK felt like I was a god. Northrend is still my fav continent ever.

    Then cata was announced. That is where i fully invested. (not the expac itself, the announcement) I saw people in barrens chat talking about how onyxia was deathwings daughter. im like, WOAH, really?? cool! my wow wiki / wow pedia binge began. I learned the lore. I now knew, who illidan was. who arthas was. I bought my very first WoW book, the shattering, and Stormrage. I became invested in the lore and the characters. The music was data mined from Cata zones and i listened to them non stop. (along with argent tourney )

    during that, I learned about the pandaren, and chen. I was one of those people who begged for playable pandaren. and i jumped with joy, blizzcon came around.. Mists of pandaria... I was like YES! FINALLY!!

    While cata was a dull expac, and at the time, the "worse" one. That is when i started RPing on moongaurd. I met friends and we developed many long story lines for our characters. I made a demon hunter named Kyo. though i had to use the DK, since DH were not playable. The RP helped ease the content drought. Though the patches themselves i was ok with, i got defender title pre nerf.

    Mists came out, and I loved it. I told myself, im not going to raid. I raided last expac, so im going to RP and enjoy pandaria. I did not regret it. There was so much to do in mists that didnt involve PVE that i was never bored. the reputations, the farm, all of the rares, hidden items. Isle of thunder and giants. timeless isle. 5.1 story line.

    Then WoD came out. I was still loving WoW and i was hyped for this expac.. who wasn't? even mists haters were hyped.

    at the end of mists, i REALLY wanted that wolf mount from killing garrosh. so i geared and ran normal mode as a pug to obtain it. I said to myself, i think im going to raid again in WoD. so i did. I was a warrior tank. The first few raids, i was ok in. however the raid themselves, were starting to burn me out... in Wrath and cata, when i raided we had 3 raids to choose from in the first tier.. mists is when it turned linear, though i didnt raid those, only SoO. WoD is where i felt it for the first time.. Running HM normal 20+ times.. followed by heroic HM 15+ times. BRF normal.. then heroic.... By the time HFC came out, i was BURNT to a crisp.. I wanted to take a break from raiding.. i tried to do world content... but.. there was none.. the rares, were no longer rare. you killed them once and moved tot he next one.. the treasures, same thing. you always knew what you were getting, unlike treasure chests. and they were always in the same spot, and you could only loot them once... i just did 1 big circle, got all of it, then i was done.. the Reps were no longer what they used to be. no longer fun, nor really worth doing.. garrison was full T3...

    this was the first time, ever.. i quit wow... i didnt want to.. i wanted to play, but i just couldnt..

    Legion came around.. ok, new content! lets do this.. however it was the same.. There was MORE to do, yes.. however, it was all completed fairly fast.. some i did in a week.. some in a month.. leaving the rest of the time wondering what to do.. I raided, got a few AotC achvs (for EN and Trial) did heroic nighthold, tomb and some antorus. The WQ system was.. eh... but what killed me... not only was the horrible system for "rares" and treasures brought back.. but reps were even WORSE.. you could ONLY gain rep through WQ, whiich was all RNG based, you did the WQ when the game told you for a "boost" in rep, if you didnt, you got next to NO rep. 25 a pop for the only 3 that spawned. the hell?? Broken shore was the same crap, and argus as well..

    I quit again. I had nothing to work for any more. I even spent my time going BACK to older expacs to get mounts i had missed. I had way more fun doing argent tourney all over again for the few mounts i missed then doing any of the legion content.

    now for BFA.. Leveling, just as the last few expacs. took me a day. not quite as linear, which is good, but was still a bit dull since there was to much story. I dont mind story, but when im just thrown into a story with every quest that requires you to do something that i rather not do, i no longer have fun. Imo Wrath had the best mix of story and questing. not to much, not to little, with a few "awesome" moments for larger quest chains (fighting ursoc or even the boss at the end of sholazar's wolvar and gorloc chain). and 1 major event, being wrath gate. islands. quickie npc slaughter romp for little to no reward.. "Azerite" F off with that. Warfronts. I was hoping they would be more long term fights with Real risk vs reward, like old school AV. nope, AFK fests, with more npc romps that give you little to no risk.. and shower you with epics. dungeons.. i LITERALLY fell asleep during one of them (i dont even remember the name, the dungeons are not that memorable. its the one where you kill Izma or w/e her name is. the spider troll)

    It breaks my heart. I WANT to play.. I really do.. I WANT to see the story, listen to the music, explore the WORLD, just like i used to.. but that is all I can do. the game itself no longer pulls me in.. That is why i criticize it.. I want to see it get better. To become the game i fell inlove with again. That doesnt mean it has to revert to vanilla. Not at all, but it CAN add more engaging WORLD content that is LONG TERM, challenging, not RNG and is rewarding. Add more mini games out int he world that can either be random, or related to the area it is in. Add random events like GW2 has. Make reputations that are more like BCs and Mists (aka, they are all different, and all have 2-3 + ways to gain rep.) Make OPTIONAL / COSMETIC player housing (not garrison bullcrap)

    I still buy posters, action figures, books. I still play the 3 hour long music mixes of WoW in the background. I still RP (though through discord now) Im still drawing WoW characters, im even drawing a comic that is WoW related! I love WoW.. just not wod-bfa

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