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    repurchaseing old wild adventures

    some time ago i disenchanted all my old cards but recently i decided wild in the only way to go. i completed all adventures and now they are all opened

    i lost reno, brann and other cards. is it possible to rebuy the adventure or the only way to get them back is crafting from dust? i have like 140 dust right now
    it would take me like a year or more to recreate renolock with all the necessary legendaries

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    Never disenchant your old meta-defining cards my young padawan.

    No, you have to re-craft them all.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Because fuck you, that's why.

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    Never disenchant good cards just because they're no longer in Standard.

    You never know when you might want to play Wild. Also, some Brawls use Wild format.

    My Loatheb is still in use in my Wild Jade Shuddeman deck, it's part of the win condition even
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    Even better. I will sell you my account that has every card, a fuck lot of gold cards, legendary card back, all adventures (Heroics not done so you can do them yourself). I'm only missing the most recent expansion.

    I'll seriously, no shit, sell for 1/2 of what I put into the account.

    Bonus, comes with Diablo, a few old Vanilla - Cata WoW characters, and Overwatch.

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