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    Horde Do Not Release! Join us for BoD- All positions open

    It's the beginning of a new raid, and time to level the playing field! We've opened up all positions to potential raiders.


    <Do Not Release> Is a Horde raiding guild looking to fill out our roster for BoD. We are looking for experienced/returning players or those who can get up to speed quickly. All classes/roles may apply as we are at the beginning of a new raid and want to give everyone an equal shot. We are a mature group of friendly players from all over (including overseas) making our atmosphere very unique. Censorship of adult content is not something we worry about, in fact it is indeed common and maybe even a little encouraged. Although our backbone is our raid team, our guild is compromised of players from all skill levels and interests.


    We are proud to have an exceptional community. A large portion of our guild members are online daily, doing things ranging from dailies, m+, alt runs, or even other games. Players in our guild are always happy and willing to help each other out: boosting gear scores, completing weekly’s or sharing politically incorrect banter.


    We expect all players to remain humble, mature and motivated. We are committed to taking as many as possible to the progression fights, and our officers are live-logging each fight to evaluate data, and give constructive criticism. All raiders will start out as trials During this trial period we expect to see full attendance (we believe RL comes first and understand it can strike at any time) fully gemmed/enchanted gear, proper food buffs,class competency and raid awareness. If you have any questions, Just ask!


    7/9Normal BoD

    Nighthold, Tomb, Antorus and Uldir AOTC.


    We raid Tuesday/ Wednesday from 9:30pm to 12:30am PST Thursday we run raid-wide M+ to get everyone their weekly chest.


    Recruiting officer- Druuid (Druuid#0157)

    GM - Kabish (Barbalion#4031)

    Raid leader - Clawmedaddy (Claw#7717)

    M+ Team Manager - Howard (Howard#0110)
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