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    Favorite tier gear

    What's your favorite Warlock tier gear? Used to be my merciless set but I recently finished my sanctified dark coven set. The one from 25 heroic icc.
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    I don't know why, but I love the Tier1 PVE set from Molten Core.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlakeArt View Post
    I don't know why, but I love the Tier1 PVE set from Molten Core.
    Indeed. Felheart all the way, even if it is a bit colourful. Oh the memories.

    Warlocks do have some nice sets...

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    For me personally, I have always loved T5 and T8.5, both of them are unique and still amazing to look at so many years after.

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    T5, T6 wings and T8!

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    T8.5, T17 and T21M, all the way. :>

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    cloth bfa season 2 set is really nice, I loved the Antorus one though... But that's only based on looks

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    T6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~

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    Tier 5 and Tier 6

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    Felheart (I need to reacquire this set), Nemesis, Voidheart (no robe with leggings and PvP boots), Corruptor, Conjurer? (Ulduar), Shadow Council, Grim Inquisition, the BOD Cloth Set..

    Warlock has the best sets..

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    Warlocks are really blessed with a shitton of great tiers. T5 is classic really, but it's a bit old nowadays with its low res and such, so I vote Shadow Council and T6 remake.

    I hope Blizz gets over this temporary no class tier armor madness and introduces more tiers in future with rad 3D elements on them. Something like Voidheart remake next expansion when we will be swimming in tentacles and shit would be glorious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by muto View Post
    Mop cm set

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    Felheart, Nemesis, and the mythic blackrock set (gul'dan lookalike) are my usual go-to.

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    Mythic Blackrock foundry, or T5.
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    Tier 2 takes the cake for me, so much nostalgia from running around almost all of vanilla in that set up to Naxxramas. Other than that T8, T13, T14, T17. So much good stuff to choose from.

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    There's something about tier 3.

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    Tier 1 (nostalgia and genuine love of the aesthetics)
    Betrayer MoP CM set (Day I earned that was one of the most exciting moments in my WoW memory. That and I did it with close friends so it was doubly fun)
    Tier 3. A lot of people aren't fans of it but I love how boldly different it looks from almost any other set in the game. Still missing the helm
    BRF mythic tier. Needs no explanation really. Set looks badass.

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    I love t11 (first one from Cataclysm), and I loved Sha Skin until they gave the Sha thing to shadow priests, so I kinda can't rock it now on my warlock.
    I also love the Grievous / Prideful sets, especially when the blades light up.
    But i love most of the tiers, tbh. They're all awesome (mostly)... I think the ones I really don't like are the tier 16 (off Siege of Orgrimmar), and... 2.5? Ugh... My favorite is still t11 (normal, there's something about that blue-ish green I'm drawn to).

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    T5 > Challenge mode > T16 > T6 > T7,5 > Wrathful > Cataclysm > Malevolent

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