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    Quote Originally Posted by ShadowSpark View Post
    I think that Blizzard employs excellent specialists who know exactly what to do.
    If you're going to shill a product, can you at least do us a favor and pretend that you actually agree with us on the hook topic? Repeat after me: "Blizzard's writers are bad."

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    The story must suck because I've never seen more people saying Blizzard is biased towards Alliance/Horde.

    Alliance think they're getting screwed.

    Horde think they're getting screwed.

    I think the story is utter dogshit, unworthy of a fanfic site.

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    I think some of the more "Notable" problems come from "We want to do this raid in a main city this expansion, so lets design the horde city around it" then they have to fill in a story for why.. and how.. and war campaign that leads up to it.. another thing is with Sylvannas, clearly they wanted her to lead the horde because nobody else could be "the baddie" who could also then be "misunderstood/misguided" as an out.
    I mean we could just go full nazi horde, but we already stood up and said no to that, which they didn't use for long enough considering the loss of that character, it should've built for two-three expansions imo.

    But basically they find something they want to do then write the story in order to fit, its not really a story then lets fit in events.. as much as "the writers know where they want to go" its more "we want sylvannas to be baddie, then see the error of her ways and help defeat the real baddies before she gives up her life/title/etc, and become bff with the alliance who then might be slightly baddies by not giving her the hug she requests in other to keep them at odds." kind of layout, not every detail is set in stone, clearly N'zoth and stuff are coming and by now they know *how* story wise but at the start i suspect they just knew n'zoth would popup and we'll do "something" with him.

    Warcraft 3 really felt like a story that was best fit into a game that didn't really accept a story very well, where as Wow is a great story based game, but they keep plotting out events rather than writing a story FIRST.
    Make sure if you still play your voice is heard if it matters to you, Mine wasn't.
    Legion is doing slightly better than wod, seems like everyone likes rng and unlimited ap boys!
    BFA is another failure on Blizzard for leaving out information yet again despite promising communication with players while Azerite armor is an unfun system forced onto us to keep us grinding.

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    Dont want to say anything but found out how they get their ideas

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    They have missed so many opportunities with a bland storyline Number 1 the Lich king Either have Bolvar as the one silently pulling Slyvanas's actions its clear he is succumbing to the throne and to use her as a meat puppet to renew the ranks of undead as a more cold and calculating lich king 2.0

    Or have Slyvanas herself dethroned as the warchief and dwindled undead numbers, as a last resort using subterfuge and finding out about Tahlia using her as a bartering tool to take the Lich Kings power for herself

    The whole trope of the Alliance always beign on the defensive and working passively is so stale and boring, Taking away so much from Greymane and Jaina and not to unleash them just having them as corgi lapdogs for the Boyking its meant to be a Battle for Azeroth not a one sided fight

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    tbh you can see where things have gone wrong from that disastrous lore video they did with danuser. where they basically talked about only cinematics and how much fun they have in their script readings

    these imbeciles think they are making marvel movies now. they have tried to turn wow into a superhero cinematic universe. only the main characters matter, they will rarely ever die and if they do they won't be gone permanently (vol'jin) or their death will fuel a legacy story (varian).

    the cinematic moments are the first and most important concern. teldrassil burning, the siege of undercity, sargeras's big sword. the only concern is getting these cinematic moments in. a story will be drafted around them later with no regard to whether it makes sense or has continuity with what happened previously.

    characters themselves aren't actually characters, just embodiments of lazy stereotypes. at no point is any reasoning applied to what is going on. only the spectacle matters. that's why sylvanas can be a genocidal maniac leader and no one will ever take action against her until blizzard presses the downfall trope button and in a huge spectacle moment we witness sylvanas's downfall. just don't expect her to be gone forever she's their joker or so they think.

    the actual writers are underfunded and their work isn't factored in at all to any deadlines which is why they are scrambling around trying to keep up with whatever new bullshit the gameplay designers came up with and writing a schizophrenic story that makes no sense. it wasn't their choice to put rexxar and garona in the horde war campaign. they were told rexxar and garona are in the campaign, come up with a reason.

    sylvanas has gone too far!!! she's raised an undead without free will!!! this is the moment everyone turns on her!! btw also in darkshore the night elves are being raised as loyal forsaken now in order to push the scourge parallels. what do you mean we can't have both? we can have both. the players who care about this shit are the ones who will basically never unsub regardless, and even if it does suck we'll just ignore it later on.

    look i will just lay it down for you: wow isnt meant to have a story. its meant to just be the wc3 races and they go places and do things and sometimes fight. it doesnt need any main characters running around being in cinematic moments. it just needs a basic jist of a story, a few recognizable faces fighting a few other recognizable faces. its meant to be a setting, players will imagine and fill in the gaps. the moment they decided we needed a story with main characters everything went wrong. i would go as far as to say they have failed at absolutely every attempt at a main story thread starting from "there must always be a lich king".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aucald View Post
    Sylvanas and those support her are indeed pretty much evil to the core, in my view, but Sylvanas and her inner circle of supports are not the entire Horde (fortunately). Saurfang and Baine are already in open rebellion, and the other leaders such as Lor'themar are now turning against her as well.
    Will be interesting to see if a similar change takes root in the Alliance. It seems as though the age of the Night Elves' relative pacifism is at an end. Perhaps they, the Gilneans, and another race (Dark Irons? Kul Tirans? Void Elves?) could move toward being more forceful/vengeful actors in the world while the rest of the Alliance remains lawful good.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aucald View Post
    This has been a long story with many twists and turns in it, and over time heroes have morphed into villains and villains redeemed themselves into heroes. * * * We've got almost 25 years worth of story here, after all.
    This seems like the undercurrent of all the threads I've read recently. Warcraft has been going on as long as some soap operas. You're bound to have characters who are pulled in different directions as circumstances and their better and worse natures dictate.

    But maybe because people are now more used to binge consumption of media, they are impatient for the ending. Instead of treating character development as the next chapter in the overall evolution of the story, the community is judging it like a finished product. Don't get me wrong: there are tons of plot holes, overused tropes, and stale elements. Bound to happen given the inconsistent authors, format, and time. I'm just willing to ride it out to see where we go.

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    Time gating is ruining the story flow, imagine jan1st you have the release of a part of the story, finish the quests the same day with a massive cliffhanger and.... you have to wait two months for the next episode of 30 minutes.

    It ruins the drama.

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    30 minutes is not forever, you can wait. Although, it's annoying, I'm an impatient person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asaliah View Post
    Time gating is ruining the story flow, imagine jan1st you have the release of a part of the story, finish the quests the same day with a massive cliffhanger and.... you have to wait two months for the next episode of 30 minutes.

    It ruins the drama.
    Yeah, the War of Thorns was entirely ruined imo because of that. We're starting the war, confronting the alliance troops for like 10 minutes, and then... "Well, we'll have to wait for Saurfang, cya next week!".

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