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    So Dota 2 has implemented custom games (think WC3 custom games if you remember those).

    Lately, a game called AutoChess has become EXTREMELY popular.

    It's got nothing to do with chess, don't worry.

    Anyway, just wondering if any of you guys are completely addicted to it like I am?

    I highly suggest checking it out. You just download Dota 2 for free and go to custom games.

    Also, those of you that are really experienced, do you have any pro tips?

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    That's neat. I absolutely loved the Custom maps scene in WC3 and Starcraft 1&2. All I played in multiplayer, never the regular games.

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    Someone said it was like Pokemon Defence in WC3, so I'm curious what it's like because I adored that game.

    Can anyone confirm/deny this?

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    Its kinda hilarious how artifact completely failed and then random custom game succeded.

    Makes me wonder if they will support more W3-esque custom games since there are alot of those.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nalorakk View Post
    Someone said it was like Pokemon Defence in WC3, so I'm curious what it's like because I adored that game.

    Can anyone confirm/deny this?
    Nothing about it, its just dopamine from RNG.

    Reality is, game is an unbalanced shitty mess, learned it after once or twice, played it another few times, won repeatedly a few times cause its an unbalanced shitty mess, got bored havent logged on since.

    I mean, in one game i got Vanguard on a level 3 treant, it soloed 3x Lvl2 units at the end.

    Other game i got 0-2 items while killing every single "loot wave", dragon included.

    I am guessing its so famous for its RNG component but its an insanely unbalanced custom game.

    My 17-18 year old self that grew up playing Dota in 2003, and every other similar custom game back then having hours and hours in them wouldnt mind it, but my almost 32 year self can look past the pixels and how terrible the mode really is
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    Was gonna try this out until I saw I have to install the entire Dota 2 game which I've no interest in and then install AutoChess on top of that to play it.

    I'll pass.

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    RNG fest of a casual game, probably why the hearthstone bandwagoners love it.

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    Never played Dota 2, first seen autochess on twitch Tides' channel. From the first look I knew it will be very addictive, 25+ hours just last week. Got half of my clan in Lineage 2 Classic playing autochess in discord too.
    What a game, wonder how long it would be to become a standalone and what other games will follow the example. League autochess will be neat too.

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