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    have you watched the MDI?

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    Gingi actually talked about this on his stream last night. He would strongly recommend players who are looking for a new class to pick up monk because Windwalker is really strong in M+ and the number of Windwalker monks in the game is really lacking.

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    Reading this thread, im willing to bet that the primary reason monks arent common in m+ is simply (judging by this thread) that theyre all retards.

    The class is fine, l2p, and if thats too hard then reroll DH, its less useful, but a blind person can play them.

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    Wasn't there WW monks on almost every MDI team? There was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZazuuPriest View Post
    have you watched the MDI?
    He said high keys.. MDI are not high keys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spotnick View Post
    He said high keys.. MDI are not high keys.
    MDI using higher keys than 99,99% of people who enter a m+ dungeon. That seems insanely high for me.

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    WWs are Combat Rogues that trade damage for extra utility.

    Which in super high keys is a trade-off you are absolutely willing to make.

    But in lower keys, it's not. You just want to zerg things to oblivion.

    Most people aren't actually running 20+ keys. They're running 10-15 keys. They want to feel big and strong at the top of the meters. And utility doesn't show on meters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakara View Post
    Monks are underrepresented and MW is arguably their best group spec, but ultimately it comes down to an overabundance of Melee and the complete cluster [email protected]$* of class balance that is Mythic +

    Rogue/DH are the best Melee specs by far for pushing high keys and that, of course, filters down to lower keys because reasons.
    Rogue is a given spot of course, but a lot of players would pick a monk over a DH (including myself). Ring of peace is a tanks best friend. DH is just so ridiculously easy to play. It is the melee equivalent of a BM hunter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iddqd View Post
    Hey guys,

    everytime i have a WW (random) in my M+ group, he absolutely shreds the damagemeter. Additionally, WW got a shitload of wonderful support skills, RoP alone i would kill for.

    What is the reason that (especially in high keys) i rarely see one of those?

    it is very odd because almost every.single MDI comp is ww/rogue/rogue, and ww is brought specifically for the +dmg buff, having said that RoP, sweep, and 2 kicks are HUGE, as well as AoE with FoF and x2 spinning kick trait

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    WW main here. I don't know where you draw the line of "high keys" (some would say anything above a 10 is high, some would say 15, others 20) but I'm around 1.8k score trying to push and do some 17s/18s to increase my score. For the most part I'd say I've gotten invited so I haven't felt any stigma towards WW. We do have good damage in a 5-man and we do bring that sweet 5% melee dmg as well as utility like leg sweep and RoP. Sure if it's between a rogue or a WW most groups would take the first because of shroud, but if the group already has a rogue, then getting a WW is a nice addition since it boosts the rogue's dmg as well.

    But it depends on group comp as well. Typically when I do get invited to a pug the other 2 dpsers are rogue and DH for example. If I run with guildies we don't really care about comp at all.

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    It isn't. WW is one of the top specs.
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