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    It's too bad many players bullied Blizz into nerfing the exp because "Oh it's not fair to horde players who only get 10%" Yet, the horde have everything so easy. Their Allied races are so easy to get compared to the alliance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FelPlague View Post
    1. so your giving buffs to dps players, and telling tanks and dps to go fuck themselves
    2. yeah? but thats not world pvp
    3. lol... oook, you know they could group up right?
    4. lolol so your saying "healers, fuck you, respec, change your gear, change your trinkets, azerite, stats, and play dps you fucking plebs"

    im glad your not a game designer...

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    Yeah no, option B is much more fair. why? because suddenly one horde is having to fight 300v300 while 700 other horde have to fight LITERALLY NO ONE. And that is unfair SPECIFICALLY based off RNG of what group you got put in.
    also it then makes it so those 700 cannot find ANYONE.

    what if those 300 are ones who dont want to wpvp and just want the bonus?
    but those 700 are the one who want to wpvp?
    well then both sides are punished.
    First of all no one should turn warmode on without wanting to PvP. The problem is that PvP in this game is not fun enough, it needs a reward to make people forcefully do it against their will. WPvP should be fun enough to make people want to do it for the fun of it, without having a single reward at the end other than having a good time. Obviously that's not the case.

    BTW, there's nothing fair in allowing a bigger number to pvp with the excuse that they'll have to fight people. You completely forgot that they outnumber so badly that they will not die, they are only going to collect free kills. So basically double reward. Your suggestion is mathematically the least fair of all possible outcomes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FelPlague View Post
    can you show me people talking about it? because i have yet to see anyone but you twice now mention it, but never ever have i seen anyone do it before.
    Well, the person who quoted me earlier for starters. Go ask in general if you play, you'll find some there. If you want more, here are some threads: - December 28th - November 18th - December 18th - multiple people in that thread December 18th - mid world quest straight into a raid group. multiple people

    If you need more, google it. I just don't feel like linking anymore at this time. Its a thing that is, what I thought to be well, known. And it ruined my enjoyment of warmode.
    Quote Originally Posted by scorpious1109 View Post
    Why the hell would you wait till after you did this to confirm the mortality rate of such action?

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