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    Helpful Threads

    Here's a list of helpful threads for Hunters, if you have any suggestions/additions, please post it in this thread.

    WoD Threads

    Azortharion's Universal Hunter Guide, a one-stop shop for all questions hunter-related.

    What is the best pet for…

    [Weakauras] Clampys' Hunter Aura Group! (Updated for 6.0.3)

    Tier 17 Hunter Raiding Tips and Tricks

    Hunters have a new IRC channel, #beastcleaves on! If you don't know much about IRC but still want to have some questions answered by knowledgeable hunters, reference this post on how to easily connect to our IRC chat via webpage:
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    Since we have literally zero up to date Hunter guides, here are some links to EJ and IcyVeins 5.2 guides:

    Elitist Jerks and their Hunter guides:

    Icy Veins and their Hunter Guides: Beast Mastery , Marksmanship , Survival

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    Coming from the Warlock community, I kinda expected to see something similar for hunters. But, nothing like it. Truly nobody taking responsibility and writing a guide like Brusalk's or Zinnin's? I guess I can understand the magnitude of time required to pull it off, but still... This is sorta disappointing. :/
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    Is it true that the Spider is the best PvP pet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorensjon View Post
    Is it true that the Spider is the best PvP pet?
    It's true for some situations, and not true for others.

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    Updated 12/12/2014, added Azor's thread, re-directed to t17 tips and tricks, noted the updates to Clampys.

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    here is a nice video how to play a hunter in mythic + dungeons and raids

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    Maybe time to replace the Tier 17 tips and tricks for a Tier 21 tips and tricks?

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    Thank everyone for all the guides and information. Hunters are my favorite class

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    The main problem is the imbalance of classes.

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