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    Quote Originally Posted by Togabito View Post
    @Claitraith @FelPlague

    But everything on the old currency must be useless for the new raid tier...
    Imagine there is Mythic level raid items from the previous tier on the vendor.
    Those are some busted items.

    It would be the equivalent of us having today at our disposal ilvl 385 gear to buy with old currency.
    Which is the same as Dazar'Alor normal difficulty.
    and we do... you can buy 385 azerite pieces for almost no residium...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dhrizzle View Post
    Yeah this, and didn't they do it for Cataclysm?
    Yep, cata and mop. worked rather well, not perfect, but rather well, as the issue was that people would acidently buy weaker stuff... cause it still had to be there for people who wanted it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tradu View Post
    It's funny, because they also had a different badge system which was more successful later on. In PvE you had 2 types of badges, Justice and Valor, and in PvP you had 2, Honor and Conquest, both of which were essentially a "big" badge for current gear and a "small" badge for old/weaker gear. After each season, the "big" badge got downgraded to the "small" badge, meaning you always had 2 badges, and all "legacy" gear was bought for the "small" badge. No confusion to be had.

    EDIT: Saw your later post suggesting essentially the same thing, but without mention of us actually having had it in the past.
    because to be honest i forgot that mop and cata had them, i thought they just had 1 currency that "reset" each season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fkiolaris View Post
    With Honor and Conquest they had the perfect system in place during WoD (PvP items are low-level in PvE, but get a 30lvl boost in PvP while PvE items are hard capped in PvP below the boosted level of Conquest gear). They just fucked it up by having more pvp seasons than pve tiers, leading to the pvp gear leapfrogging the pve gear.

    They could also have the PvE system from MoP for Justice/Valor, minus the (double) rep requirements which meant that often enough by the time you spent enough time grinding the rep(s), you already had better gear than you could buy. But Valor/Justice dropping from every kind of PvE content kept everything kind-of-relevant for the whole expansion, while Scenarios were literally 15mins long at worst and you could cap your VP in a week by avoiding them if you really hated them (daily quests, dungeons normal and heroic, all 4 levels of the raids were dropping VP).

    Unfortunately, both of these scenarios go against Blizzards current casino-or-bust mentality so don't expect to see them any time soon.
    WoD's system, PvP BiS being locked behind Ashran lootboxes aside, was pretty much perfect. Specially the ilvl scaling gear based on content. And as far as I remember back then everyone loved it. Again, putting aside fucking Ashran and the garbage lootboxes design.

    But as usual for them: fix what ain't broken.
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    i actually agree with travis here
    There should be no titanforging for ritalin addicted ADHS patients.
    And there should be also no badge gear that lets you plan out your loot day as if you playing a spreadsheet

    Go into a dungeon/raid. Kill bosses. Drops loot? neat, maybe BiS, no random titanforging bullshit. No loot? Try next week

    Worked perfectly back then, works perfectly in plentera of other Rpgs. dont fix what isnt broken cause billy whined about that he didnt get loot. The only way i imagine badge gear not deluding the gearing process is if its for catch up gear. Altho in the current state of the game this would mean actual gear, nice game blizz.

    They should also fuck off with pve balance now that pvp is more segretaded then ever. Make more fun items with more creative dmg instead listening to the assblasted raider how unfair the world race ist if he gets that drop. If you want perfect balance go play counter strike.
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    It was killed off because it was not exiting like RNG loot drops that supposedly do better from a player retention standpoint.

    Perhaps makes me one of the odd balls as the multi layer RNG has actually driven me away.

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    As someone who has played since early TBC, I always HATED the badge system. Both the part of capping the weekly valor points (it just felt like a chore, much more than WQs ever did for example) and when you finally got enough badges there was nothing satisfying about buying a piece of loot from a vendor.

    Don't get me wrong, there's issues with the current loot system too but I much prefer it over the badge system.

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    Another advantage to the badge system was that if you already had enough of one stat, you had the option to choose a similiar piece with a different stat that still benefited you. So if you had enough crit, you could go for a different stat instead.

    I remember the way it worked back in WotLK was more like, 1 badge per boss and main item pieces (chest, legs) were more expensive than secondary pieces (neck, belt). You could also do daily quests to get some, too, or run current content dungeons on heroic for previous badges.

    Being able to choose different stats allowed people to pick and choose their gear to fit pieces that dropped from raids, as well, to make up the stat deficit, in case they got a new piece that replaced one stat for another.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hyphnos View Post
    Yeah right because buying an UPGRADEABLE via raiding tier piece to fill out your set bonus was totally worthless... or normal raid level gear in off slots.

    The relinquished vendors gave out gear below LFR when normal raid gear was 930 ilvl and heroic 945.

    In WOTLK vendor bought tier pieces were 251 ilvl and upgradeable based on your raid level and there were full raid level items at 264 on the vendors as well.

    So basically how do you find gear that is 30 to 50 item levels below the top to be "better" than being able to buy full raid gear ilvl with powerful set bonuses on them that could be upgraded by raid drops?

    You don't have the foggiest notion what you're talking about.
    Because there was at least a chance that the relinquished vendor could give you something useful even if it was a very small chance. Raid vendors were never useful if you were actually doing the content. They were a shitty carrot on a stick if you weren't doing the content and they were completely and totally worthless if you were doing the content. Sounds like you're the one that doesn't know what you're talking about tbh.

    There's a reason why they've made massive changes to the badges/points/etc every single expansion before scrapping them entirely. They were horrible and they didn't work. The current nostalgia for badges is bizarre considering they were complained about constantly when they were in-game, no matter what implementation. From the original badges to the several tiers of badges to the points for ilevel trash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Togabito View Post
    Might work and sounds good on paper.
    That's literally how valor and Justice worked. When Dragon soul came out Firelands gear became justice points and dragon soul vendor was valor. Your valor points got converted to justice points and justice points would get converted to gold. What is so hard about that?
    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Assbandit View Post
    I swear Bitcoin miners are the new vegans/crossfitters/vapers.

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    Emblems were poorly designed, because they forced you to do boring shit like HC dungeons every day to always max out your emblem gain.

    Today's gear catch up is good enough, we don't need this back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenJesus View Post
    That's literally how valor and Justice worked. When Dragon soul came out Firelands gear became justice points and dragon soul vendor was valor. Your valor points got converted to justice points and justice points would get converted to gold. What is so hard about that?
    I admit i dont know how exactly the emblem system develop along the years.

    heck i even couldnt remember how it was in wrath of the lich king exactly.

    Sorry about that.

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