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    Can’t wait for Diablo immortal

    I am so excited for the new diablo game, that I even bought iPad Pro to play it. Theres something cool in the idea of an action rpg on mobile, perhaps the mobility aspect?

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    There is something cool about idea but the bad part is - I am not going to buy fucking iPad Pro to play it when I already have PC/Console.

    P.S: This is why dislike button exists.
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    No.. There is nothing cool about it.

    Diablo on console is bad enough.. Diablo on phone/pad is beyond stupid!
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    Your first post, clearly trolling...

    But I will play Diablo Immortal while I wait for Diablo 4 which is rumoured to be more of an MMO which im really happy about so looking forward to that.

    And if all else fails, hopefully EU version of Lost Ark will be around next year.

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    Nobody bite.. just move on!
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    if this op really isnt sarcasm, well ... then this is hard stuff. otherwise: muhahahaha.

    nontheless: 1/10 for creativity.

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    we know what OP likes ^^
    Fan reaction was muted, but fan's reactions at BlizzCon confirmed Diablo Immortal will be well received by players around the world.
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    Closing. Nothing good can come out from this.
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