so ive been wondering for all this time why cant i get sylvanas windrunner or ragnaros the firelord from classic packs
just now when searching through my collection ive noticed both of these cards are tied to 'hall of fame' instead of 'classic'
does that mean they arent obtainable through classic packs? the only way of getting them is to craft?

if so, why is there so much cashgrab in this game? i mean, its expensive enough.
lets face it, in order to craft a top tier deck like renolock or even big priest u need to spend lots of irl money to get all those legendaries that are necessary. its even worse for wild players as u cant get the old packs for gold, u need to spend real cash to get them.
when u look at it, this game is the most expensive out of all blizzard ones, a barrel without a bottom