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    The whole Defias plotline. Because it's not just one quest chain but a storyline that starts in Elwynn forest and resurfaces multiple times as you level until it ends in a raid at level 60. That was always one thing that amazed me about classic and haven't seen since then.
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    The quest chain in EPL (post Naxx release) to get T3 on your warrior. I just love how the introduction involves Korfax telling you you're still a child and how glorious the armor is.

    Makes me giggle every time.

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    Uh... hm.... this is a really complicated question...………………..

    Possibly western Plaguelands Alliance side, horde side is nonexistent if I recall and just very bad... btu but the Alliance is pure and great.... totally ruined in many ways...we ll
    not totally but different definitely.

    But there's definitely other gems... Northshire Abbey in Vanilla also a really great 10 er1-5 zone best one in the game I think....

    Vanilla Silithus was also sorta incredible in it's weird way...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powerogue View Post
    Huge fan of the vanilla rogue quests. Only classic rogues remember the thorough beating given by Milton Beats when you failed to detect traps on that chest, or sneaking your way up the tower.
    Agreed, especially Mission: Possible But Not Probable, that name still cracks me up.
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    The Tirion Fordring stuff, loads of great stuff in the plaguelands tbh and I can't wait to revisit. Hunter quest was amazing too.

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    1. Tirion Fordring's quest series in EPL (although the second half took place in WPL).

    2. Chromie's quests in Andorhal. Creepy but cool stuff

    3. The quest series in Blasted Lands (mostly) which ended with "You Are Rakh'lik, Demon".
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    BFA was about as nuanced as a golf club to the testicles/ovaries.

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    The hunter bow quest from MC. Love challenging solo content.
    Hi Sephurik

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    Loved questing in pre-Cata Ashenvale & Feralas, and ofc in great and undivided old Barrens.

    One of my favorite quest chains was that of muisek vessel. Quick and efficient way to get few levels (especially on private servers with a bit higher XP rates than normal). On private servers it also had a bug, funny as hell - you could just kill one creature and put it into the muisek countless times until corpse disappeared. So, the whole process (7-quest chain?) took like few minutes to complete xD

    The quest still exists in post-Cata world though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zuben View Post
    Giving it a quick thought, the first that came to me was the Alliance-only questline regarding Nathanos that originally made him a legend. Especially since he survived it.
    Him surviving it was one of the biggest asspulls Blizzard ever created.

    Legend of Stalvan was a great quest chain imo, as well as the quests in red ridge regarding the black rock orcs

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    The quest chain with the Scarlet crusade was pretty great. Some great story and great rewards.

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    The Onyxia attumement questline for Alliance.

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    There was a mage quest with a wand as a reward that involved me (as an Alliance character) walking all over southern Kalimdor. Ended in Dustwallow as I recall. Took a while, but I enjoyed it.

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